Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

This weekend we had so much fun getting into the 'spirit' of Halloween.

Friday night we and our friends, Justin and Jayna, went to a silent film fest in Grace Cathedral here in town. An organist in the cathedral creates the "soundtrack" for silent horror movies. It was kind of spooky, and it is a really beautiful church, with an organ that is almost comparable to WT's.

The main film was "The Bells" inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and based on a 19th century French play.

Pictures of the church....

Saturday afternoon was Rebecca's wedding- one of Tiffany's co-workers at TFI. It was a really sweet ceremony!

The happy bride and groom!

Us at the reception

Her beautiful flowers!

Sunday Chris and I finally got around to carving pumpkins- something that we have said we would do every year, but never had!It was so much fun. We toasted the seeds and had our own little contest. I think Chris won- his pumpkin was hilarious!After the pumpkin carving, we made popcorn balls for his study group and my co-workers. Neither one of us realized how freakn' hot the popcorn was and managed to walk-away with minor 3rd degree burns to our hands!

Chris going in for the kill...

The best use of our cork screw in a while!

Can you guess who made the scary vampire eating the little pumpkin, and who made the happy-go-lucky pumpkin???

The pumpkins in front of our scary twisted tree...

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

For our West Texas family and friends

Fall here in Topeka is just getting more and more beautiful everyday. You see we actually have trees here, and this form of precipitation falls from the sky to water them, they call it rain here. The trees are turning the most beautiful red, orange and yellows. Fall has got to be our favorite season. Sometimes you just find yourself in awe of the beautiful work of God and how he has put every color imaginable in nature for us to find and stick into a Crayola box...

Just for kicks- here are our babies in their Halloween costumes that Tif made this year....
We find them very fitting.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!
Hope to see you all soon!