Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We hope that everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!
Here are a few pics from our weekend...

The family at Nanny's house.

Papaw Britten and Papaw Campbell visiting...

We had so much food that even the puppies were passed out!
This is our cousin Lori's pup, Popeye. He is so cute!

I think that every time we come home we will be making it a tradition to go to 'Country Pride' to get some enchiladas. Luckily, dad (Nelson) ordered us some frozen and we got to bring them with us to Kansas- along with some Polish sausage!

Here we are with Chris's grandparents, Chris's mom and dad, and Tif's mom and dad- Lynsey is taking the picture!

Here she is...she is part of the family too!

The puppies are starting to adapt to the traveling way of life now. They can now eat out of spoons and drink out of water bottles...I know, I know, we are just making them more inclined to think of themselves as human!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What's wrong with picture 2?

Well, the transformation is complete. Chris is finally a Kansan. Tif is married to a "foreigner"! Oh well, I still bleed Texan! But this does mean a huge difference in tuition.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Weekend Home

Last Friday we jumped in the car at 2:30pm and made our way home for the first time in about 4 months! Despite what some might think, the 9 hour drive went by quickly. It was so nice to be able to talk to each other again with out the TV or cell phones getting in the way! We didn't even have the radio on for half of the trip...we had a lot of catching up to do.

This trip home couldn't have come at a better time. Chris just finished his midterms (which he did wonderfully on, by the way) and Tif had some comp time to use up. We decided to come home because it was Chris's dad, Richard's (AKA D2) 60th birthday. It happen that it was also the White Deer Polish Sausage Supper as well- extra bonus!

We arrived in White Deer around midnight, and Teresa (Tif's mom) was waiting up for the grand-dogs. They love their MeMawMaw. Grandpaw was asleep because he had to get up and go to work early Saturday morning, so the puppies were sure to go say goodnight before they went to bed.
We all (us and the dogs) got to sleep in till around 9:00 and then we went out to 'help' at the feed store. Basically, Tif sweeps the floor and scrubs the toilets and Chris gets taken out for a good lunch! We went to Dyers in Pampa, and let me tell you- we can't find any better BBQ in Kansas! We both ate a ton!
Then we went home, and wanted a nap, but instead went to the Arts and Crafts show in town that weekend. After the craft show, we jumped in the shower and hurried to make our surprise visit to Richard's birthday bash at the Amarillo Club.

Tim, Chris's brother is a member at the club and made the reservations for our family. It is on the 31st floor of the Chase Building in Amarillo. We had a wonderful dinner and we even got some use out of those dance classes that we took last spring!

Here are some pics....

The birthday boy, his lovely wife and one very lucky girl's husband!

Our table of 13...

Chris's brother, Derek, and his adorable son, Hudson, hitting the dance floor.

Chris's other brother, Tim, getting down with two of his three beautiful daughters, Morgan and Addy.

Now we are just waiting to come home again in a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving!