Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Updates...

October is one of my favorite months of the year. Usually, it is crammed full of photo shoots and over-committed schedules. This year, we are still busy, but we promised ourselves that we would almost completely cutout photo shoots and allow us all some free time to enjoy and adjust to a new baby in the house.

Deciding to be more intentional with our time has given us margin in our week to do somethings that we would normally not be able to enjoy. :) We are loving it. We are still busy and still struggle to keep our schedule manageable, but are learning as we go.

During that time Eli decided that he was going to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels!

We did some awesome wheelies too!

Ileigh and daddy had fun riding too!

We are loving getting to spend some precious quality time with this little one and enjoying this all-too-fast newborn stage...

He is melting our hearts with his little smile and just started giggling at might be the best sound in the world.

Ileigh had a Fall Party at her school- we loved hanging out with all of her new friends and eating lots of yummy snacks!

We also got up extra early to check out all the hot-air balloons that came to Amarillo this weekend. It was an early morning, but it wasn't crowded and the kids loved it more than we could've imagined.

Asher stayed in Memamaw's warm car while Mommy, Daddy, Eli and Ileigh checked out the balloons up-close! 

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Broadmoor

Oh, life at the Broadmoor.
 I don't think that there are any that compare.
Chris' work hosts a board retreat here every year. We heard about the trip, and we were thrilled to be able to go along.

This photo of our room doesn't do it justice- and you can't see the huge bathroom with jet tub and the mirror with the built in TV.

Even Asher loved his stay...

Our view...

Our kiddos "adoptive grandparents" watched Asher while Chris and I went to dinner alone. It was fabulous! Every single meal there was perfection.

This was our kiddos waiting to see the gift that we brought back from the trip with us! Ileigh got an Elsa dress and Eli got StarWars Legos. :)

I hope we get to go back next year! It was a great time for Chris and I to be alone (Asher doesn't count yet) and enjoy a little time to ourselves.

Pumpkin Patch

Ileigh was super excited to go to the pumpkin patch with her class today. We had a long talk before we left for school to see if it was okay if mommy came along too- on her library field trip she didn't want me to go at all, but the teacher suggested that I "happen" to need a library book and show up anyway. :)
This time, Ileigh assured me that I could go. Of course, she changed her mind as soon as we pulled up to school, but later in the morning she told me I could go again.
Miss Independent for sure. 

They all had a great time and I'm so thankful that I am able to stay at home so that I am able to go on fun little trips like this!

Karate Kid

Eli is super excited to be (finally) starting martial arts. We have been putting it off for awhile, but we finally decided to invest in something positive for him to burn off some energy with. :)

Who knows, this guy could go all the way! He loves his class.

Here he is getting his white belt in front of the class. So cute...and he was so proud.

Rock it, Eli! Excited for you new venture! 
Just don't kick your siblings in the face.