Tuesday, November 22, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 22

Day 22

1. Turkey
2. Sweet potato casserole
3. Mashed potatoes
4. Gravy
5. Stuffing
6. Mom's broccoli and rice
7. Honey crust ham
8. Fresh rolls
9. Canned cranberry sauce (still in the shape of the can)
10. Stuffed celery
11. Green beans
12. Peas and potatoes
13. Macaroni and cheese
14. Corn
15. Deviled eggs
16. Cheese balls
17. Olives
18. Roasted asparagus
19. Veggie trays
20. Cider
21. Pumpkin bread
22. Chocolate-laced pecan pie
23. Pumpkin pie
24. Leftovers!

Monday, November 21, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 21

Day 21 (Music Day - this list can in no way be exhaustive and is in no particular order)

1. Everything - Lifehouse
2. Hey Johnnie - Elton John
3. Safe and Sound - Matthew West
4. Bad Medicine - Bon Jovi
5. Mahler 5 (only slightly more different than Maroon 5)
6. 3 a.m. - Matchboxtwenty
7. Rite of Spring - Stravinsky
8. Jazz Suite No. 1 - Shostakovich
9. 18th Floor Balcony - Blue October
10. Pierrot Lunaire - Schoenberg
11. Thriller - Michael Jackson
12. Symphonic Metamorphosis - Hindemith
13. Suspicious Minds - Elvis
14. Apres Moi - Regina Spektor
15. The Scientist - Coldplay
16. City Beneath the Sea - Harry Connick, Jr.
17. Good Riddance - Green Day
18. Symphony for Organ and Orchestra - Copland
19. Lincolnshire Posy - Grainger (I don't care if its cliche)
20. Fantaisie Originale - Picchi
21. Slumber - Needtobreathe
22. Freedom - Run Kid Run
23. Hero - Abandon
24. Find Your Wings - Mark Harris

Sunday, November 20, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 20

Day 20
1.  Playing with the leaves
2.  New bible studies
3.  Blueberry pancakes for dinner
4.  New music
5.  Fabric softener
6.  Nursery workers
7.  14 year old pajama pants (those polar bears might have another 14 in them!)
8.  Pumpkin dresses
9.  That feeling when Ileigh puts her head on my shoulder and falls asleep
10.  Seeing nothing but Tif's and Eli's feet since they are lying on their tummies, halfway inside Eli's closet, reading a book
11.  Finding leaves in your hair six hours after having a leaf fight with some awesome kiddos
12.  The way Kaikeyi still cocks her head to the side when she wants something
13.  Clean cars
14.  Warm jackets
15.  Having a wife so giving and thoughtful as she picks Christmas gifts for neighbors, nurses, and nursery workers
16.  Having awesome neighbors, nurses, and nursery workers
17.  Being approved to be a vendor after someone decided we are "professional photographers"
18.  Watching Eli pretend
19.  Pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins
20.  Awesome new thank you cards
21.  New paintings (from our very own artists-in-residence)
22.  Re-naming Willow Tree figures while in Cracker Barrel
23.  Burt's Bees lip balm
24.  Fresh coffee

Saturday, November 19, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 19

Day 19
1.  Crimson
2.  Cream
3.  Ritualistic incantations evoking unwavering and unequivocal responses of pride and honor (Boomer!)
4.  NOT the Baylor Bears
5.  Eli:  "Where is Jesus' car?" Mom:  "Jesus doesn't need a car; he's everywhere.  He flies."  Eli:  "Like Superman?"  Mom:  "Yes, like Superman."  Eli:  "And Word Girl?"  Mom:  "Yes, like Word Girl."
6.  Saturday morning doughnuts
7.  Good sales
8.  Getting letters from strangers (and friends!) blessing your children
9.  Cooperative children when shopping (especially near the toys)
10.  Country Pride hamburgers
11.  Honey
12.  Eli's excitement over his new shoes (apparently Woody + lights = excited boys; even stranger because Eli doesn't know who Woody is)
13.  Getting to stare in awe at Tif while she works, especially when she doesn't see me gawking
14.  Cute little red pajama pants
15.  Sippy cups that don't leak
16.  Chamomile
17.  Hot showers
18.  The numerous times Eli requested "Daddy's Song" today
19.  Moving Ileigh into her room
20.  Ileigh's random mohawk
21.  Anticipating tomorrow's worship service and Sunday school for no particular reason than to truly worship God
22.  When stew is better the second day
23.  When the wind calms down at the right time
24.  Surprisingly slow Saturdays

24 Days of Thankfulness - 18

Day 18
1.  Laughter
2.  A good joke
3.  Diaper wreaths for others
4.  Watching others give joyfully
5.  Lunch dates
6.  Speaking of lunch dates, Rosa's Tortilla Factory
7.  Going to bed earlier than normal
8.  Friendly customer service people
9.  Having a good memory (yeah, that would be Tif)
10.  Taking time to watch the leaves fall
11.  "I want to be handsome!"
12.  Fast commutes
13.  Free carwashes
14.  Shopping for others
15.  Talking with a friendly stranger
16.  Sweaters that fit just right
17.  Artwork from church
18.  New recipes
19.  Good sushi
20.  Pink sunrises
21.  Fresh tea
22.  Having a crafty wife (meant literally, as in she is awesome at crafts)
23.  Not having a crafty wife (meant not trying to be deceptive; aka honest and truthful)
24.  Dresses that fit perfectly (from all angles)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 17

Day 17

1. Late night Oreos

2. Watching Eli “shoop” his spaghetti

3. High heels

4. Musical sheep

5. Infant gas drops

6. DVD labels

7. Having a wife that could care less about Twilight

8. Going to bed before midnight

9. Change

10. Water cooler conversations

11. Not being consumed by technology

12. Continually diminishing desire to watch TV

13. Good cookware

14. Knowing how to use good cookware

15. Beautiful brown hair\

16. Finally taking a bottle

17. Trusty old laptops

18. Histograms

19. RAW

20. Not running out of things to be thankful for

21. Inside jokes

22. Not having to use Google Chrome for blog posts

23. Android phones (and their bills)

24. Fridays

24 Days of Thankfulness - 16

Day 16
1. India?!
2. People saying nice things about our photography

3. Lunches at home

4. Pumpkin patches

5. Snoring husbands….well, as long as it isn’t too loud

6. Being able to cuddle up on a cold night

7. John Deere Green

8. Thanksgiving!

9. Registering for our last 5K of the year

10. Meeting goals

11. Staying up until 1:00 for several nights in a row and still being able to function- I wonder how long I can continue

12. Vacation, vacation, vacation- and last treatments

13. Paying off Chris’ car…within a year of purchase

14. Deep conversations

15. More friends

16. Warm house

17. Beautiful kiddos

18. Friends who love to give us baby girl clothes

19. Seeing Eli play with his best friend

20. Editing our last wedding photos of the year

21. Good music
22. Splenda

23. Chocolate chip cookies

24. Crawling babies

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 15

Day 15
1.  Watching Eli get the hang of his “bicycle”
2.  Taco Tuesdays
3.  Eli’s new “leaf song”
4.  Salsa bars
5.  Cookie clubs
6.  “Thook thook”
7.  Healing
8.  A sense of accomplishment
9.  Pinterest
10.  Watching Eli help me park
11.  “No tickles”
12.  “Do it again!”
13.  Guitar blankets
14.  New house shoes
15.  Mentor programs
16.  When Eli comes to our bed in the middle of the night…with completely different clothes on
17.  Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
18.  Knowing that perfection is God’s domain, not ours
19.  Being awed by your spouse every day
20.  Canon 5D Mark II
21.  Superman glasses
22.  Cowboy hats
23.  “Mommy the Sid”
24.  Finishing lists

24 Days of Thankfulness - 14

Day 14
1.  Seeing former students
2.  Cute babies
3.  Compliments from strangers
4.  Friends who give props on the interwebs
5.  Fresh cilantro
6.  Positive attitudes
7.  A child’s genuine attitude
8.  Sunny days
9.  Stickers
10.  Smelling chocolate chip cookies when you walk through the door
11.  Fresh perspectives
12.  Getting caught up
13.  God’s ability to continually bless beyond your imagination
14.  A passionate wife
15.  Crisp breezes
16.  Calling Amarillo “home”
17.  Giving souls
18.  Living in a society that allows freedoms that most people can’t begin to understand
19.  Realizing that everything is God’s anyway, we’re just looking after it for a while
20.  Lowepro camera bags
21.  Crock pots
22.  Discernment
23.  Having a front row seat to our kids’ lives
24.  Completing projects

Monday, November 14, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 13

Day 13

1.  Family gatherings
2.  Baby dedications
3.  Stew
4.  Fresh pumpkin bread
5.  Piles of leaves
6.  Pink lace
7.  Boy Scout popcorn
8.  Quiet offices
9.  11th floor sunsets
10.  Car rides without kiddos
11.  Big cokes
12.  Having our parents in church with us
13.  Dedicated parents
14.  “Daddy, you’re snoring!”
15.  Reverse psychology on a two year old
16.  Sleeping babies
17.  Fresh cornbread
18.  Comfortable jeans
19.  Favorite fleeces
20.  Needy puppies
21.  Finger-saurs
22.  “That’s Eli!” (said loudly during a quiet slideshow)
23.  New razors
24.  Being reminded by a website that I am, in fact, awesome

Sunday, November 13, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 12

Day 12

1. Fun photoshoots

2. Cooperative kiddos

3. Perfectly diffused light

4. Leftovers

5. Hearing Eli sings songs we’ve never heard

6. Clean sheets

7. The smell of stew simmering overnight

8. Fall leaves

9. Heath Bar cookies (thank you McAlister’s!)

10. Family’s safe travel

11. Watching Christians be courageous in their faith

12. Supportive family

13. A wife immeasurably devoted to our family

14. Blue eyes

15. Freckles

16. A sacrificing wife

17. Nicknames

18. Secret signs

19. Saying random things/singing random songs at the same time

20. Crunching leaves

21. Little babies in pumpkins

22. Geese flying south

23. Watching as Eli sings to a total stranger, even though he is super shy

24. The complete stranger’s face after Eli sang to her

Saturday, November 12, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness- 11

Day 11

1. That Tif doesn’t like M&M’s as much as me

2. M&M’s

3. Lunch with friends

4. U.S. Army

5. U.S. Marine Corps

6. U.S. Navy

7. U.S. Air Force

8. U.S. Coast Guard

9. Reserves

10. Guard units

11. Humor

12. Sunroofs

13. Weekends

14. Caymus cabernet

15. Fajita tacos

16. 50mm 1.4

17. Cousins

18. Who needs a chiropractor when you have Dr. Chris?

19. Having a cousin that is a chiropractor

20. Having Dr. Kaci on speed dial

21. Life through death

22. Hidden candy stashes

23. Pumpkin patches

24. That the hubby is getting more into these lists than me…:)
(He is in the bedroom, rocking Ileigh and I happend upon his list for today.)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 10

Day 10

1. Lunchables

2. Enchiladas

3. Radical

4. Wifi

5. Old pajama pants

6. Swapping travel stories

7. Having travel stories

8. Baby dedications

9. Free lunches

10. Getting to experience the gears turning in Eli’s head

11. Space heaters

12. Sticky notes

13. Friendly banter

14. “Am I free (aka three) yet?”

15. Sweet deals on Amazon

16. Night at home with no photoshoots, previous commitments, or classes; first one in over two weeks!

17. Can I ever be too thankful for MDO?! I think not!

18. Surprises from daddy

19. The “calm” right after both children have been screaming

20. Going to bed before midnight

21. Long conversations with my dad

22. Hearing Chris open the garage door

23. 50 cent shirts from Old Navy

24. Hitting all green lights when leaving the office

24 Days of Thankfulness - 9

Day 9

1. New friendships

2. Little boys snoring

3. “Here me comes!!!!”

4. A truly amazing God

5. A peaceful sunrise

6. A wife who sacrifices so much for the betterment of our family

7. That God chose us despite our flaws and weaknesses

8. Sleep

9. One more treatment

10. Positive attitudes

11. Watching Ileigh “dance”

12. Apple cider

13. Reading to Eli

14. Eli’s prayers at night

15. “Thank you God for good food. Thank you God. Aaaaaaa-men. Yea!”

16. Wagging tails

17. Cinnamon

18. “I’m a giant. Bom, bom, bom, bom.”

19. Faces covered in Cheerios.

20. Mommy sandwiches

21. Readily available chapstick

22. The smell of starch

23. Happy squeals

24. The look on Callie’s face when she wants a treat (which happens way too often)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness- 8

1. Did you see that sunset?!?

2. Little yellow mailing envelopes, filled with CD’s!

3. Time to work on getting caught up.

4. Christmas decorations in the mall.

5. Fresh, cool air.

6. Christmas music in stores.

7. Shopping ALONE.

8. Choosing not to take a basket because I don’t have to haul a car seat around Target.

9. Ileigh liking her sweet potatoes.

10. Eli’s obsession with Band-Aids

11. How Eli has a “boo-boo” in the exact same spot has his gramp’s “boo-boo”.

12. Meals out.

13. RAIN!

14. The rain starting literally 2 minutes after ending a lunch photo shoot.

15. Wobbly baby legs.

16. Taking goodies to my dad’s nurses.

17. Knowing just how thankful he is that I do it.

18. The way Eli tries to sneak up on me working when he wakes up from his nap.

19. How he lets me cuddle with him until he wakes up a little more.

20. “Little drummer boy”

21. Ileigh singing into the microphone.

22. Heated seats.

23. Getting emails that Chris forwards me about how much his secretaries love our kids.

24. Seriously, did you see that sunset?

Monday, November 07, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 7

24 Days of Thanksgiving – 7

1. “I’mafrogribbit”

2. Dinner with friends

3. Watching Tif work her PhotoShop magic

4. Puppy dog eyes

5. Sharing hot chocolate with your lovely spouse

6. The smell of clean laundry

7. Freedom to worship

8. Unexpected opportunities

9. Rain

10. Our own family pictures

11. Warm socks

12. Little girls’ dresses

13. Compliments about our children

14. Marshmallows

15. PB&J

16. Letters to our kiddos

17. Sharp knives

18. A quiet drive while the kids are in the car

19. Bluetooth

20. Watching people watch your kids

21. Doppler Dave

22. Red bell peppers

23. Shout stain remover

24. Garage door openers

Sunday, November 06, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 6

Day 6

1. Chicken and Dumplings

2. “Daddy, come play with me!”

3. “I want to push the escalator”

4. Eli’s prayers at bedtime

5. Giggling little Ileighs

6. Watching others grow

7. Imaginary presents from your children

8. Great bible study classes

9. Sibling banter

10. Prime lenses

11. Incredible bokeh

12. Birthdays

13. Giving spirits

14. Holiday season

15. Daylight savings time – fall only

16. Mary Jane socks

17. A wife who truly loves her friends

18. The man at church who always shakes Eli’s hand

19. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

20. Peanut butter and jelly hands

21. Second bedrooms

22. Family traveling safely home

23. Weekend plans

24. Whimsy little clouds

Saturday, November 05, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness- 5

Chris decided that he was missing out on all the fun, so he wanted to make a list today.

Day 5

1. Family gatherings

2. Brothers

3. Butterfinger pie

4. Wife who made said butterfinger pie

5. Nieces who love to play with their cousins

6. Warm fires

7. “Oh the bun, it is to write, open slore, hey!” (aka Eli’s version of Jingle Bells)

8. Onion rings

9. Dimples

10. Bleu cheese

11. Churches that put heavy emphasis on marriages/families

12. Eli singing Happy Birthday to Papa

13. Dishwashers

14. Mom’s (Gloria) pound cake

15. “I like your new Nissan”

16. OU beating A&M

17. Sisters-in-law

18. Heated seats

19. “Mamamamamamamamamama”

20. Happy puppies

21. True forgiveness

22. Realizing that perfection is God’s business, not ours

23. “Watch out for dump trucks! I’m goin’ to!”

24. Tif’s smile

Friday, November 04, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness- 4

1. “This is Moses, mommy. He is holding two mailboxes.”

2. Anticipation

3. Pink note cards

4. Laughing at the Dollar Tree

5. Scratching Ileigh’s back

6. “Here is a spot for you, mommy.”

7. “That cloud is a puppy dog!”

8. Smell of fresh laundry

9. Little boy bed head

10. “Gansta Baby”

11. Self portraits in a crowded restaurant with people looking at you like you are a young, crazy in love couple.

12. Recalling “best-of moments”

13. The way Ileigh laughs at Eli…every time

14. Baby shower invitations in the mail

15. Unexpected thank you cards

16. Finishing up a project

17. pretty toe nails

18. My polar bear PJ pants Cami got me in the 9th grade that I still love

19. “STEAM”

20. YouTube “I ate your Halloween candy”

21. “Yep, I’m are.”

22. Churches that watch my kiddos so that I can go on a date night

23. “I want to go up high”

24. Ileigh clapping

Thursday, November 03, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness- 3

Day 3

1. Free queso

2. Lunch alone

3. Big boy underwear

4. Compliments on my kids

5. Realizing that your child just exceeded your expectations

6. To-Go teas

7. Throwing leaves

8. Sweet potato gobbles

9. Meeting goals

10. Vacation plans

11. Two more treatments

12. A happy baby

13. A proud little boy

14. A warm smile

15. Painted toenails

16. Heaters

17. Husband’s sweatshirts on cold days

18. Christmas cards finished early

19. Time with family

20. Boots on the wrong feet

21. Catch up

22. “You cannot read, Daddy. Mommy reads.”

23. Christmas lists complete

24. A day where the wind is less than 10 MPH

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness-2

Day 2:

1. Two-toothed smiles.

2. Secret love signs.

3. Girl Talk.

4. Hot chocolate.

5. Clean bed sheets.

6. Long showers.

7. OU football.

8. Photo shoots with happy families.

9. “You’re something else”.

10. My warm house on this freezing cold night.

11. MDO.

12. Sweet friends who give me 40 pairs of shoes for Ileigh :)

13. Leftovers.

14. How much Eli loves Mr. Victor.

15. The power of Photoshop.

16. “Thank you God for good food, thank you God. Aaaaaa-men.”

17. The way Ileigh looks at herself in the mirror.

18. A little gray in the goatee.

19. Little miracle babies

20. Realizing just how much of a miracle my babies are.

21. Open eyes. Change in perspective.

22. Big plans.

23. An extra hour of sleep.

24. The smell of fireplaces outside on a cold night.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

24 days of Thankfulness

I love Thanksgiving. Love it.

It is my favorite holiday celebration; lots of family, great food and taking time to celebrate the little things that are really the big things in life.

To celebrate, I will be attempting to write out 24 things each day until the 24th. That’s 576 reasons to be thankful. Have you read 1000 Gifts yet? You should.

1. Above all, I am thankful for my Lord Jesus, who takes me as I am, in all my imperfection for His perfect glory. God has blessed me beyond what I ever dreamed (seriously) and is making Himself known in our family in ways I never imagined. Truly awesome.

2. Chris. There aren’t words. Sometimes I can’t believe I am his wife; seriously the coolest person I have ever known. I don’t know of anything that he can’t do and I am excited to have a lifetime to figure out if I can find something…

3. Our kiddos. Never have I know so much joy.

4. My family. My family is really cool.

5. This crazy, crazy photo side job. I don’t even want to think about how behind I am, but I know without a doubt that God provided this opportunity for Chris and I and it has flourished beyond what we could’ve dreamed.

6. Our year in Kansas. One of the best times of our marriage; best times of our lives.

7. All of the valuable lessons I learned while working on my master’s.

8. My friends for life from Oklahoma- we bonded over the Duke case!

9. Friend who I sat beside in Kindergarten who I was jealous of their “big” crayons and  who never left my path.

10. A girl I roomed with at Buff Branding, who by all accounts I should have lost contact with and didn’t. Such an awesome person- so glad I have a friend like her!

11. Leaves turning

12. Texas sunsets

13. Tea!

14. Little boys who love to throw leaves up in the air.

15. “I want to hold you”

16. Eli praying at dinner.

17. Ileigh only wanting me (this gets old quickly, but I know it won’t last nearly as long as I would like)

18. hot chocolate

19. “Friends at church”

20. date night

21. smart phones

22. silence

23. nap time

24. snuggling on a cold night….

and on that note, goodnight.