Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy birthday to our Smiley Ileigh!

Oh, my sweet Ileigh.

You give the best hugs. Seriously, the best hugs in the entire world.

You put everything you are and have into your hugs. I pray that you put everything you have into life and “squeeeeeze”.

You are the best and the most difficult thing I have ever done. You have, within moments, brought me to my knees and filled my heart with immeasurable joy.

That spunk. You are one spunky kid. And the dimples.

What in the world was God thinking? I mean, does the world even stand a chance?

You are one very smart cookie. Every day you surprise me. Sometimes I feel guilty for not taking the time to really “teach” you the way I did Eli, but then, you just blow me away. You are a quick learner and super sharp. You can count to twenty- something your brother hadn’t mastered at your age- and are practically potty-training yourself. Your independent streak is a mile wide. It is like you just walk in and say, “Oh, that’s sweet. Now, watch me do it better”. Wozers.

Baby girl,

You are our treasure. I love to dream about your future; I can’t wait to see where life leads you- and whomever or whatever is in your way better stand clear.

I pray for boldness and confidence for you, my love. I pray that you guard your heart, and at the same time are filled with such grace and compassion for others.

You are everything I imagined for my daughter and I am so proud of you. I am grateful for you every single day, my love.

You are beautiful and treasured. Happy 2nd birthday, Sunshine. 


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ileigh's Birthday Party

Ileigh's party theme was "look 'hoo's' two!" with our family favorite, owls.
We love the symbolism of owls and pray that we and our kiddos would be wise.

Chris defined wisdom one time as the ability to see the connectiveness of our daily choices and how they influence our future. How every decision can have a ripple effect to others.

Anyway. Owls. The theme was owls.

Abbi, Brent and Abby gettin' grub.

Morgan and Mema

Table shot!
I just love how uncle Steve is taking the biggest bite of his life. We don't play 'round here when it comes to food.

Ileigh loved opening her gifts!

Ileigh, you have the best daddy...
And you were very excited about those blue sparkle shoes...

Eli got to open a gift from Morg and her crew since they weren't able to be at his party.

Thrilled, huh?!

She LOVED blowing out the candle!

And this is all she would eat of her cupcake...

Sweet girl...

Mema, Papa and the birthday girl!

Memamaw, Gramps and our little birthday girl!

She loves her Gramps.

Happy birthday, sweet thang!
We hope you loved your special day!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Eli's Birthday Party

We had Eli's big party at the house.
If course it was firefighter-themed...again.
If he keeps this up, I'll never have to buy party decorations! ;)

Oh, you know I bought fire hats for everyone to wear agian...:) They are such good sports!

We are all so thankful to have a daddy that loves to cook!

It was a-dorable watching Eli's excitement this year!

Man, we love this little guy!

He was really excited about getting new underwear! Awesome!

Gramps had a pretty special surprise:

I have no idea where we ate going to put this thing, but I know that all our kiddos will love it!

Eli and Megan

He was soooo excited about blowing out the candles.

Make a wish!

Mema, Papa and the birthday boy!

Memamaw, Gramps and the birthday boy!

Of course, we've spent A LOT of time learning to drive that new truck....and the baseboards to prove it...

We hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend, little buddy. We love you!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our little 4 year old...

Surely, there is no one like this little boy.

He holds my heart in the palm of his little adorable hands. Hands that are almost always covered with dirt, marker or whatever else we have been playing in that day.

His little laugh makes my heart swell and that sweet little smile can convince me, even on the {blah} days to turn on the fire siren (Me. I have no idea how I got volunteered for that job) and wail down the road on the way to the fire (or church, the store, or school as we know it as).

Eli can count to 30 and a few days ago he counted to 100 with a little help from mommy.

He LOVES to play his guitar. He is constantly making up songs or adding in his own lyrics to other songs.

He LOVES anything and everything that has to do with firefighters. We live in a fire station and I drive a fire truck…he makes sure that everyone knows.

One of his favorite things to do when someone he loves is coming over is to go hide. Sometimes it is underneath his comforter, sometimes under the Christmas tree or in a cabinet in the kitchen.

At night, when I ask him what his favorite part of the day is he will think for awhile and pick something but always end with “and loving you, very much.” Loving him is one of my favorite parts of the day too.

He also tells me all the time, “I love you the mostest”. Nope, buddy- I love you the mostest hands down.

He loves to run and jump and play and climb. He is all boy.

{All of these photos were taken at the White Deer Fire Department, where Eli's Gramps is a firefighter. Eli is dressed in Gramp's gear and might have been the easiest photoshoot ever.}

Sweet Eli,

How in the world, out of all the little boys out there, did we get the best one? You are our treasure, my love. I love getting to see the world through those big, beautiful brown eyes. I am so, so excited for what your future holds. We know that you can do anything and I’m your biggest fan. I pray that God will give you a passion and His purpose for you early in life, and that you will do whatever it takes to follow where He leads you. I pray also, that Daddy and I will recognize His leading and do whatever we can to help you along the way.

Know that you are loved by so, so many, baby.