Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fourth of July

This year for the Fourth, we continued our annual ritual of getting up early for the pancake breakfast with Richard and Gloria...

It was a little hot, but we still had to make our way around the square in search of ribbon fries!

The parade...

After the parade, we headed back to White Deer, where we started off the night with a cookout. Robin, Nik and the girls came from Amarillo, Richard and Gloria drove in from Canyon, and of course Lynda, Stef, Nanny and Papaw, and Papaw Campbell came over! Allison, Brad's girlfriend came over too!

You can call me Tiffy Lee...

Of course we had to break out the Mexican Train!

When the sunset we made our way to the fireworks show. Me, Abby, Teresa, Gloria, and Richard watch the sky as Maddison and Stef show off their sparklers in the background.

Allison and I playing with fire!

Nanny in her 'Statue of Liberty' pose...

Here are some picures of the really is amazing what our little town pulled off.
It is a totally different experience to light them yourself instead of being hundereds of yards is safer though!

Hope that everyone had a safe and fun Fourth!

Fish Fry!

To our delight, Mamaw and Grandy decided to have one of their famous fish frys this summer while we were in town. I have been hearing about Mamaw's fish for years, and I can say that it surpassed all my expectations. It was delicious- and I don't like fish as a general rule!

Mamaw cooking for us...

Grandy and D2 chowing down...

During the same week Richard and Gloria had their new sprinklers put in.
Here are some pictures of the damage! The puppies were upset that their favorite backyard had been disturbed.

A few days later we went over to Pampa for their annual Relay for Life.
This is the luminaria in memory of my aunt Cindy.

Nanny, lighting the luminaria.

And Stef sitting beside it.

In anticipation of the Britten farm's 100 year celebration, Chris has been working on re-touching some of the few pictures we have of our family.

This was the homeplace.

This is Tif's grandfather's parents

Papaw's brothers and sister...

Father's Day

For lunch on Father's Day we headed to Amarillo to the bowling alley to eat with Chris's side of the family.

Here are a few pictures!

Richard opening a gift....



For supper we had a party on the patio at Tif's parents' house.

Papaw Britten and Papaw Campbell

Some fatherly love...

Nanny, Allison, Dad, Brad and Abby

Stef, Lynda and Mom

Abby and our little Kaikeyi

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Congratulations, Kasey!

So, we are home for the summer, but before we left Topeka, we got to celebrate Kasey and Dave's wedding. Here are just a few pictures.
Congratulations guys! We are so excited for you both!

These are the orchids that Chris had delivered to me my last week of work.

Sorry that it has been so long since our last is crazy busy here! We will do our best to keep everyone up to date!