Monday, September 21, 2009


We were so excited to hear the fair was in town! Memamaw and Grandpa asked if we wanted to go with them this weekend and of course we said yes! The weather was perfect and we had a great time!

I am trying a little something different with the pictures here on our blog. Let me know what you think!

Chris entered a few pictures in the professional division photo contest. He didn't bring home a ribbon this year, but it was fun to participate and try again next year! Can you find Eli's picture in the picture of pictures?

Chris had to have Cheese on a Stick. I am a little leery of pretty much anything at the fair- from the food to the rides, I am a little questioning about the quality of the product. I just love to go walk around and watch people!

Memamaw found this awesome stroller for $2.00! It was perfect for wheeling Eli around at the fair- much less bulky than the huge Chico stroller...I have a feeling that we will be taking it on all the trips we go on this year.

Grandpa took Eli on his first tractor ride! They had so much fun!

Look what Grandpa won for Eli at the Fair! He was a little proud and even challenged Eli's daddy to win him something bigger! Wisely, Chris didn't even try...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We love to entertain. We love to have people over with tons and tons of food. One of the things that we really missed through the "law school years" was having the funds, family and friends close for us to entertain.

This last Saturday we decided to host a fiesta for our family to show them the house and just have time to enjoy one another. It was a blast! Thank you to everyone for coming and we hope that you had fun and will join us again.

Here is Eli and his Mamaw...

He really enjoyed everyone coming over...I think that he was tired of seeing his mommy all day.

In my family, when everyone gets together we celebrate the birthdays happening around the time of the party. It was perfect timing because we had all kinds of birthdays to celebrate! Here is the cake that I was divine...seriously. Want the recipe? Stay tuned- I will put it up on the ol' blog soon.


On to other things because I am already wishing for another piece of that puppy...
Here is Eli and his cousin Emma playing in his room. We showed off Eli's robot/rocket themed room to everyone for the first time! We still have work to do, but we are loving the direction of the theme for our little rocket scientist.

Here is Uncle Baff babysitting...

Like I said...Eli was really excited to see everyone.

Eli and Aunt Lori...

Tim, Gloria and Addy...

Amber was helping me in the kitchen!

Here are the young ladies celebrating their birthdays! Happy birthday to Madison, Nanny, Teresa and Gloria!

Mom got the honors of cutting the cake...

Kaci, Robin and Nanny...

Papaw Britten...

Nelson and Tim chatting outside on the patio...

Addy and Peyton playing with Eli...

Thank you again to everyone that came! Sorry Grandy, Alison and Aunt Linda, I didn't get a picture of all did a good job of hiding from the camera!
Finally, of course here are a few more pictures of "E".
When Chris was growing up he had an imaginary friend...Who happened to be Jerry the Mouse. To this day his brothers love to remind him of his childhood "friend". Jacey sent this little treasure to us a few weeks ago...

We thought that it was hilarious! Thanks, Jacey!
I will say that I read a study a few years ago about how little kids with imaginary friends are smarter and more creative, so I don't think that Chris has anything to be ashamed of! I had imaginary puppies when I was little- I don't necessarily think that I am smarter or very creative either though.

And finally, here is a pic of the little man trying to pull up on our ottomans...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Red River

For Labor Day, we took a much needed trip to Red River per my dad's suggestion.
The last time I was in Red River I was a sophomore in college, planning to ski with my then boyfriend. Well, during the lunch break between my ski lessons, said boyfriend and I hit the bunny slope...where I fell and torn my ACL. I vowed to never go skiing again.

This time in Red River we had a blast. Oh, the cool mountain air and crisp breezes coupled with the smell of people burning their fireplaces makes me ready for fall to get here!

Here is E and Grandpa when we arrived. Eli was GREAT in the car. I couldn't have asked for a better baby! Secretly, I was dreading the drive with a 7 month old. (After the trip that he and I took home from Norman while Chris was taking the Bar, I have been a little hesitant to keep him in the car for long distances. We normally make the 4 hour trip with no stops, but this particular time we stopped 6 times and he was still screaming almost the entire time. It was awful.)

Kaci came too!

T-rex and Kaci...

Me and Dad...

We hardly have our picture taken alone any more! I was so proud of Chris for wearing his OU sweater even after the big loss.

Our family of three...

Eli with his Grandpa and Memamaw...

and Aunt Kaci...

We ventured around to all of the shops...

We had to get some fudge...

And we played air-hockey. Just so that everyone knows, I am still the queen of air-hockey.

After our mad games of air-hockey, we happened upon this really awesome store/cafe with some live music...

That night we ate at the steakhouse and heard more live music...

After dinner, my parents and I took Eli home while Chris and Kaci ventured out to check out the night life. After Eli was asleep I joined them. We ended up around a campfire listening to music outside a local bar. It was so awesome.

The next morning before we headed back home, Chris and I got up super early to go take pictures at the river. It was freezing, but a lot of fun.

I really wanted to see how cold the water was. Yes, I am in flip-flops.

Yellow Texas Bindweed...(just for you, Kaci)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

8 months!

Eli is 8 months old today!
In celebration, here is his 7 month scrapbook page!

It was a huge month for our little guy. He now is eating sweet potatoes, acorn and butternut squash, green peas, pears, apples, bananas, and avocados. He also cut two teeth this month, started waving "bye" and pulled up a couple of times. He is also "army crawling" everywhere! He just recently started sleeping in his own room too! Sadly, he has started weening himself off of breast milk in favor of other foods, except during the night (Hey, we will take what we can get!). We are just thankfull that we were able to breastfeed him this long and we will continue to try for as long as we can.

He is just amazing and such a joy! We are so thankful that he is in our lives and we can't imagine life without him!

Friday, September 04, 2009


It is official! The house was christened this morning with our OU garden flag in celebration of the college football season. We discovered a TU family a couple of houses down, so this fall should be pretty interesting in our neighborhood!

Here is our insanely cute baby boy showing his Sooner spirit.

Yeah, I know, he is totally edible.

It has been a huge week for our little guy! He cut two teeth, three days apart.

We are off to Red River for the long weekend! Have a safe and fun Labor Day!
Please pray for safety for us and all of those traveling.
If you remember, last year over Labor Day we got into our wreck!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Perfect Day

Last week we decided to have a little picnic lunch while the painters were at the house. The weather was PERFECT! It was in the 80's with a light breeze (in the Panhandle that is a miracle in and of itself).
We had a wonderful afternoon.

Isn't he a little cutie? I can't wait until he is running through the grass chasing the ducks!
PS- is it really September? That is CRAZY! Only 3 more days until Chris starts his job! We are treasuring these last few lazy days together!