Sunday, November 24, 2013

First Snow of the Season

Even though we were suppose to be headed to Dallas for the weekend, we sure did have fun with all the snow we got here this weekend!

"Get 'em"!

Oh, no! We got snow on our boots!

We got SNOW on our boots!
The injustice of it all!

He makes a pretty good snow angel...

Wait! What?! Daddies can be so mean!

;) good thing he thought it was hilarious!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chili Cookoff!

We were so excited to host a chili cookoff for our Sunday School class.
These people are like family. I love that we can honestly say that. We share hopes, dreams, disappointments....we share life.

And we have a lot of kids! ;)

Talk about some awesome cooks!
It was funny to watch the guys congregate in the kitchen and the ladies chat in the living room!

Oh, Trey Scales...

And Josh...

A tie for second!
Bobby's chili was my favorite, and James' chicken chili was awesome...

But it was Trey with his signature 'Storybook Chili' that took home the gold...

Thanks everyone. We love you!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Papa Party

Any reason to celebrate! We love to have a party!
When we realized that nothing had been planned for Richard's party this year, we were happy to offer our house for a party!

I just don't know if they could love Megan any more...

Helping Papa blow out the candles...

Our little lady...

Me and Nanny...

Derek and Jacey...

Who gave this girl all those cookies?!

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Our Family Photos!

I cannot tell you how much I have been anticipating our family photos this year.
I've had Ileigh's dress for almost a year. I spent hours pouring over outfits and acessories. I knew exactly how I want them to look. The hard work that goes into shoot prep is not lost on me.

Along with all that work I got really nervous! We had asked a friend to switch out shoots with us and it had been so long since we had our pictures taken by another photographer...I freaked out a little. What-if the wind, what-if the kids...what-if, what-if.

I just have to say that I know all of my work payed off. I am so thankful for all the time I invested- I will treasure these photos forever.

Steph did a great job- the light is abosolutly beautiful. I am so thankful that we have these beautiful memories!

Look at these kids!
They are flat-out beautiful...
I can't believe they are mine...

I mean, have you ever seen anything cuter than that hat?!
Well, maybe that smile...

I am so very thankful we scheduled in our own photoshoot!
I can't wait to get these printed!