Monday, April 26, 2010

Family time...KC style.

We had a blast in Kansas City last week. We love the area, the city and our family there so much. Thank you Max and Sue for letting us stay with you in the middle of your move! Cort, you were just amazing to us- thank you!

Our first night in KC we all went bowling. Oh-my-goodness! I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard. We need to go bowling more often. This was my dad's very first time to bowl and I think he got 2 strikes and a couple of spares. Who knew? This was a little birthday party for those of us that had celebrated our birthdays already this year.

Seriously, this was the easiest way to post all of these pictures!

I love this shot of everyone's mouth wide open! Ha! Glad we were on the other side of the camera!

KC crew- thanks for showing us a great time! Hope we get to see you all again for the rodeo! Who knows...maybe we will go bowling again!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It is about time!

Well, we are making a big announcement on our blog, we are not pregnant.

We have officially launched our new photography blog. It has been something that we have been talking about for a while and has been a long time coming. Our hope is to have everything perfected and completely updated with our previous photo shoots by this fall. For now, we just want to share it with you all and get your feedback. Let us know what you think about our blog design, watermark, anything!

We waited until today because we wanted to show-off some of our most awesome friends who we met up with during our trip to Kansas City, Justin and Jayna.

I don't know if Chris could have made it through law school without Justin and Jayna is just the nicest person I have ever met. They helped us through a rough transition into law school and helped us feel at home so far away from our families.

The instant I saw them I knew that I had to introduce myself and make them our friends...seriously.

Chris and I had traveled to Topeka for a new student BBQ at the law school and I was on the hunt for couple friends. Just minutes before we arrived at the BBQ I told Chris that he had to step out of his comfort zone and make friends. I knew that this whole thing wouldn't work if we didn't find people to connect to with us being so far from home.

We mingled with a few people and then I told Chris that we needed to go introduce ourselves to Justin and Jayna. They were one of a very few number of married couples going into law school together. Chris was trying to find every way to avoid my request so finally I marched right up to them myself. I introduced myself to Justin first and said something like "Hi, my name is Tiffany, and this is my husband, Chris (pointing behind me). He will be starting law school with you in a few weeks." The rest is history. They became our closest friends that year.

It is so rare to find a couple that awesome that is exactly where you are at any given time in your life. They have been married 6 months longer than us, and our babies are less than a year apart. It is cool to have someone to grow through life with. We don't have very many friends in the same stage as we are, so we treasure Justin and Jayna's friendship.

Without further rambling, meet their new little family here on our new photography site!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

15 months

Happy 15 month birthday, Eli!
For your birthday you got your very first ear infection! YAY!
No, not really.
Saturday night had to be the toughest night with you yet, baby boy. We did everything to try to get you to go back to sleep...We sang, rocked, bounced, fed, let you in bed with us and drove around town at 3:30 in the morning.
Nothing worked.
Hopefully in a few days you will be back to your happy-go-lucky self. Just so you know, I would go through a year of nights like that to have you in our lives.

You have learned so much this month. It truly is amazing to watch as your brain make and form connections. You surprise me every day with something new that you picked up. You know what a cow, sheep, horse, cat, dog and lion says. You love to point to things when I ask you like the clock, apple, banana, light, ball, tractor, fish, glasses, nose, eyes, etc.

Gosh, we love you!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pirtle Easter

Sunday morning we went to church in WD and then had Easter lunch with my grandparents again and then headed back home to get our house ready for the Pirtle Easter dinner.

Here are a few pictures from our evening...

We are really bad about getting pictures of the three of us, so we set up the tripod before everyone came.

Mema and Papa were the first to arrive...
Look at that little boy's smile. Gosh, he melts my heart...
My handsome guys...
The grandkiddos... 
Okay, so here are my beautiful nieces.... first up, Morgan.

And Megan...see aren't they just beautiful?

I don't think that this picture even needs words!

Addy searching for eggs that Megan and Morgan hid for her...PS girls, we are still finding eggs in our bushes.
After the mini egg hunt we played a game of Mexican Train! No family function is complete without it!
We all had such a great time! Thank you to everyone for bringing food and coming to spend time with family! We are so thankful that we have such a wonderful family to share our lives with.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter in WD

After we finished up our egg dying party and made a bee-line to the hospital to see our friend's new baby girl, Madeline, we headed to WD for dinner. Here are a few pictures from our evening!

Robin and her three beautiful girls...(one is still cooking).

The kiddos.

We also had an egg hunt for the kiddos...Eli had it down! He did a great job gathering eggs and putting them in his Easter sack.

Little Miss Emma had a good time too...

Nanny enjoyed watching the kiddos hunt eggs.

The two of them had a blast walking up and down the ramp outside.

I don't know what this face means, but I think she is excited about something!

We also played egg-toss games- Tyler won!

I made her point to my name on her cast!

Eli really likes to help Papaw push his walker...

Here is Robin and her little bun in the oven!