Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter, Part 3...

Sunday after church and lunch at Nanny's, we loaded up and headed back to Amarillo for dinner at our house with Chris' family...
Of course, the first to arrive are the first to hold the baby...:)

This picture was snapped moments after Megan choked on her gum after Richard put a plastic bag over her head...oh, dear! 

Abby and Megan...:)  

Mema and Ileigh... 

Megan and lil' Miss... 

We had to get one family shot- it is harder than it looks, people! :) 

Morg and Ileigh... 

Cousin's picture! 

Mamaw and Chris... 

The Amarillo Pirtle clan and miss Ileigh. Addy told us that she wanted a baby sister- watch out, Amber and Tim! :) 

My sister-in-laws are so good with babies! It is so nice not to have to worry about Ileigh at all while either one of them are in the room! Thanks for the help Abby and Amber! :) 

We had a wonderful time with everyone and will be enjoying leftovers all week! No cooking- woot!!! :)
Love you all...thanks for coming over!

We had a wonderful Easter! Hope you all did too!

Easter, Part Two...

After the egg hunt we cooked a little and then headed to Nanny's for another egg hunt. My cousin, Kaci made a ton of eggs for everyone to find. :) Thanks, Kaci!

Here is everyone lined up for the hunt. The eggs all had names on them, so my mom was helping Eli again. I was in the house with a screaming little girl. :)

Awww... baby Kaylee is growing up so fast! 

Nanny and Papaw... 

Kaci and Cody 

Little Miss made a quick appearance. You can probably see the tears in this picture. She was NOT happy at all. I am so thankful that Chris is so good at relieving me when he knows she isn't calming down. Seriously, she wailed for over an hour. Finally, Chris fed her some of baby Kaylee's formula and everything was all better! YAY! We knew that she was hungry, but she wanted nothing to do with me...lesson learned. I will always have a back-up bottle with me! 

After the hunt we ate and the kiddos played. Chris and I left the kiddos and went to a photo shoot in Pampa. Then we ate more, played more and went to bed! :)

Easter, Part 1

I am so far behind on blogging, I fear I will not recover. So, instead of trying to catch up, I am going to just post about Easter and hope that I will have time to catch up while I am on "vacation" next week!

Saturday afternoon we headed to WD to have our Easter celebration with Nanny and all of my family. I LOVE how no matter what, I know that we will always be getting together with everyone that can make it for any and every holiday. I love that my cousins seem more like sisters...

Anyway, we started off at the park hunting for Easter eggs. Here is Memamaw coaching Eli...

Yep...he is ours. Nope, you can't have him. 

Memamaw got a little too competitive, so I took over helping Eli. :) 

After the big hunt, Eli HAD to climb this slide. I am pretty sure Chris almost had a heart attack when I said he could...he did great, but I was behind him the whole time and Memamaw was there to catch him at the bottom.

Sweet Eli, I will always be here to help you climb "mountains". 

Eli is just growing up too fast. I can't believe the conversations that we can have and how quickly he understands everything. Over the past few weeks he has become very interested in his Mickey Mouse stuffed animal and will change his diaper, feed him and put him down for sweet. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baby Gotta New Pair of Leggins'...

So, my friend, Kayla, has an adorable little girl about 6 months older than our little one. A couple of weeks ago I fell in love with the leg warmers that Miss McKinley and Miss Regan (her older sister) had on. Kayla assured me that they were really easy to make, so I took her at her word and went on the hunt for knee-high socks. 
This weekend while Chris was out of town and before Eli sliced his finger open after getting it caught in the footrest of a chair, I made a pair. The plan was to make about 6 pairs of them, but after the finger incident, I decided I better wait.

Here is our little one showing off her new little leg warmers...

I think they are darling, but I also think that she is darling. Anything would look cute on her...
thank goodness because my sewing skills aren't stellar.

(Just wanted to throw out proof that she does cry) ((If you want more proof I am sure that her Memamaw would be more than happy to testify to her nightly "fussy time" she got to experience with me this weekend))

These are Ileigh's best is adorable how her face lights up and she smiles every time she sees them.
Eli was the same way with this toy. (A gift for Eli from my Oklahoma girls- love and miss you gals!)

I had to include this picture of our big (little) boy. Gosh, he just gets cuter every day. We are still a tad  little lot jealous of baby sister. Last week he did bring her one of his stuffed animals to play with though; maybe we are making progress. 

Eli still floors me every day with how quickly he learns and picks up on things. What a neat thing to watch a child discover the world around him. :)