Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Little Sunshine...

Happy birthday, Smiley Ileigh!
I cannot believe that it has been a whole year.
On one hand, it seems to have been a very long year, but on the other I feel like it was just yesterday when we were headed to the hospital to meet you.

You are such a joy. You have the most precious laugh and smile.

You have added so much to our little family- already! I can't wait to see the woman you will become. 

You are flat out beautiful; darling dimples, big bright beautiful eyes and your little giggles make my heart leap.

We are so, so proud of you, baby girl! You have added so much sunshine to our lives! We love you!

Your daddy has been out of town for the past few days, so we hung out with Memamaw and Gramps today. While we were out to lunch in Pampa, these awesome workers came over just to sing you "Happy Birthday"...and brought you ice cream. Your brother ate most of it. :)

Happy birthday, sweet girl! Can't wait to celebrate you with our family at your little party in a few days!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year Goals

I know, I know. I am a little late, but hey I feel like this is worth writing down.

1. Run a 10K

Pretty crazy goal, if you ask me considering I was that girl that hated running in grade school. But, there are so many more reasons that I run now and it gets really addicting. I am hoping to pull Chris on board with me on this one. He was happy to run the 3 5Ks with me last year, so I am betting he will be in. Right, honey?!? :)

2. Learn to knit

I REALLY want to learn. It was a goal last year that I didn’t get to, so it is making an appearance again.

3. Make a quilt for my kiddos

Actually, one quilt this year, one next. I am terrified to try to make one, but I love that I have a quilt from my great grandmother and I feel like this is an art that is dying.

4. A new recipe a month

I like quick and easy dinners- therefore, I get in a rut. A lot.

5. Take more pictures of everyday life.

We aren’t that great about taking photos of our kiddos. When we do, it is usually a planned “outing” that last about 10 mins. I want to do a better job a catching our everyday life.

6. Go out on more dates

Does this need an explanation? With two little ones, I think not.

7. I am SUPER excited for this year. Chris and I have some pretty awesome things going on in our lives at the moment. I cannot wait to see what all God brings us to this year. We are really trying to be open and listen to the way God is telling us to move. I'll let you know how it goes...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guess what we did today?

Someone loves their new big boy bike.
I am really surpised how well he is handling it! He has blown me away!
He is such a good listener and an even better driver.

He really liked talking to his shadow while he rode. And waving to all the cars that drove by.

Baby sister and I enjoyed our little stroll too. I was just in shock the whole time that my son was in front of me, ride a big boy bike. I might still be in shock. 

Me: Eli! Don't look down, honey! Look up, look up!! 

Me: No! No! I mean look straight! Watch where you are going! 

Me thinking to myself: I sure hope he remembers how to use those breaks. 

Taking a rest at the neighbors' 

Eli talking to baby sister...

Ileigh LOVES stroller rides...such a happy little girl! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Where's the fire?!?

Sunday was Eli's firefighter birthday party with the family. He wore his fireman suit and had a blast with everyone.
As "favors" for the party, we bought everyone a fire hat!
I love the look Kaylee is giving her momma in this picture! "Really, mom, really?"

And, of course we made everyone take a big group shot in their fire hats. This might have been my favorite moment from the entire party! 

I made up some cupcake wrappers again- so easy and cute... 

and a little banner... 

We had pulled pork, corn casserole and salad... 

Eli LOVED opening his presents...he was begging to open them while everyone was still eating- even telling everyone to hurry up and eat!

new chair from mema and papa... 

He loves this guitar from aunt Abby, uncle Steve and Megan... 

Gramps got him a big boy bike! 

Test ride. This kid is fearless. I don't think he realizes he can fall. 

We had cupcakes afterward, but Eli refused to blow out his candles! Crazy kid! :)

That night Eli got out his guitar and sang and played songs for mommy, daddy and baby sister! Adorable. :) 

Thanks to everyone for a "smokn'" good time! Thank you for celebrating with us and loving our little boy!

Friday, January 13, 2012


It really is just crazy. Crazy I tell you.
I cannot believe that Eli is 3.

We celebrated his big day with birthday pancakes with candles- he really loved it. Sorry, they aren't very pretty. I should've let Chris make the pancakes...lessoned learned.

Little Miss didn't get a pancake (they had sugar and sprinkles in them, I didn't think that was a good way to start her day) but, she sure enjoyed her Cheerios...see that one on her shoulder? 

Then it was off to school (MDO) where his teachers informed me that he was sure to tell EVERYONE he saw that it was his birthday.

After school we made a quick stop by McDonalds to pick up a chocolate chip cookie since he was so good at school. Then we came home where he got to watch his favorite TV show (Wild Krats). Daddy came home a little early and Eli got to pick what he wanted for dinner- a peanut butter sandwich. :) I love that kid!

And of course, another round of candles... 

Then he opened his two gifts from mommy and daddy...and baby sister. 

He loved his day of friends, a little TV and candles! We are having a small family party on Sunday.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Big (little) 3 year old

Eli! You are 3 today!
You have been waiting for this day before Christmas. You were asking if it was your birthday every day and if you were three yet.

You are my little thinker. The way your mind works blows me away. You are so, so smart and you have an amazing memory.

Eli, you are my joy; such an incredible joy.

You love firetrucks, tractors and guitars. 

Eli, you will never fully know the depth of our love for you, sweet boy. I am so proud of you and so thankful that you call me "mommy".

I cannot wait to see what your future holds. Every night I thank God for the miracle of you. I cannot wait to see how He uses you.
Love you, sweet boy!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Houston, we have a walker!

Over the past couple of days Ileigh has become more and more independent in her walking. I think we can officially say that she is walking now.
It is so much fun to see the differences between her and big brother. Eli just barreled toward everything; Ileigh is so cautious and carefully weighs her options. This might be an answer to prayer. :) Eli and his dare-devil stunts still prove to be very stressful for me.

Sweet girl...

Watching her big brother playing... 

Hearing mommy call her name... 

taking those first big steps to mommy... 

not quite making it...(do you know how hard it is to take a picture and catch a baby at the same time? Try it.) 

making eye contact with mommy to make sure she will be there to catch a falling baby... 

"Here I come"! 

"You are going to catch me, right"? 

Now, she is walking all over the house. We haven't had any major falls- most of the time she either regains her balance or gracefully plops to the floor on her bottom. She can also standup without holding on to anything. I am not sure if Eli ever really did that! Way to go, big girl!