Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Robin's Shower!

I had so much fun at Robin's shower yesterday! Thanks, Robin for inviting me!
I have always wanted to be a teacher because you have so many people around you to encourage you...you could totally see that comradery at her shower! So fun.
Here are a few pictures!

I love the clothes-line idea!

Such a pretty cake....

I tried my had at making a diaper wreath...Robin and my side of the family has the "diaper cake queen" (You know who you are! Stef!) to contend with, so I bow to her greatness and claim the diaper wreath. :D  


Robin and her hostess...

The decorations were so cute! They did a great job!

Of course E tagged along...he was so good! Woot!

I love cake-in-the-mouth pictures...


Robin and the wreath...

Abbi helped open gifts...

What a fun way to spend the afternoon! Robin got a ton of wonderful things for her baby girl! Can't wait to meet her in July!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Super E"

This kid amazes me every day. Last week, Chris thought it would be funny to grab my shirt and tie it around E's neck as a cape. I honestly thought it would stay on for about .2 seconds because he doesn't like bibs, hats, etc. and pulls them right off.
Turns out he LOVED it and went running through the house with it on. It was the cutest thing ever.

I have to frame this picture...it is like it captures childhood...

I know that I can sleep better at night knowing that "Super E" is on the lookout!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day at the park...

I have been really bad about keeping up with Eli's scrapbook for this year. I really don't want the trend to escalate to the volume of work I had to do at the end of last year! I guess we will see how that goes...
Friday night a few church friends of mine held a scrapbooking party- we all had a blast and got caught up on our scrapbooking!

Here is my layout for this month...Eli loves going to play at this park close to our house.

Hope everyone is having a glorious weekend and enjoying the same fabulous weather that we are!
P.S. Did you notice the awesome shirt our little guy has on? Thanks, Aunt Stef!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brooks's Birthday!

Two weekends ago we headed down to Lubbock for our nephew's 2nd birthday party! This is the first year that we have been able to go to a birthday party in Lubbock because we have always been so far away...but now that we are closer I am sure we will be making plenty of trips their way!
They did not disappoint! We all had a blast, especially Eli.

Oh, he had so much fun in Hudson and Brooks's sandbox. I just have to add that I adore Eli's constant little alfalfa...
He had so much fun playing with all of the toys!

Here is the birthday boy, Brooks!

Cousin Morgan taught Eli how to pedal on the bike...

Brooks showed him how it was done...

Gift time!

I made Brooks this superman cape...hopefully he will get a ton of use out of it! I can't wait to wait to make another for Eli.

On to the cake...

Happy birthday, Brooks! Thank you for letting us share the day with you!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Perfect Weekend...

This Friday, Chris's birthday, we dropped Eli off with his Memamaw, Aunt Tammie and Aunt Heather and headed to Oklahoma for a photography workshop with the amazingly talented Benita Cloward. Benita took family pictures for us when Eli was 3months old and we are in the midst of planning another shoot. She has a style and funk that drew me to her work...and I am still inspired when I check into what she has been doing.

So, for Chris's birthday I set him up with her for the day while I went and visited a few of my friends in the city. Jess and Karen- I had an absolute blast! Thanks for going out to lunch with me! After lunch Benita invited me to hang out with her and Chris at their photo shoot. During the shoot, I finally got to deliver Matt and Jace's diaper cake to Matt's parents! Woot! I am happy they have it before the babies arrive!
After the shoot, Benita let me sit while she taught Chris her editing process and even let me do some editing! Woot! I learned so much with just the few hours I spent with her, so I know that Chris had to have learned a ton. She also gave us some great advice on how to build our business and what lenses and cameras to look for as we expand our ventures.

I am so proud of the pictures that Chris took while with Benita.

With the hectic weekend we haven't had time to edit many, but you can check out a few of them on our photography website!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Birthday dinner!

Wednesday night we headed out to one of Chris's favorite restaurants for his birthday dinner!
The food and the company was awesome!

Here are a few pictures from the evening...
I love how grown men can act like little kids when talking to babies...it just melts my heart!

Like I said the food was awesome...

Mamaw, the birthday boy, Morg and Gloria...

Jason, Kaci and Stef...


Chris's birthday cake...made with Eli's help.

Birthday family shot!

Thank you to everyone who was able to come out and celebrate Chris's birthday! We had a blast! We also told Chris his big surprise gift that night- he is going to Norman this weekend for an all day photography workshop with the lovely Benita! I can't wait to see what he learns and look at all of the pictures!

(Oh, here is a picture of eli helping me make daddy's birthday cake.)
He is such a good helper.
Have a great weekend!