Monday, July 10, 2006

Getting ready to move!

Well, it is five days until we officially move. We can't believe it either! Boxes are piling up and the house is getting cluttered, nor can we find anything that we want. Tif has only three days of work left and is excited. We are so excited about all the new opportunities we will have, but are sad to leave our family at the same time. Know that each of you will be missed but never far from our hearts. We know that our time away from our family will be short and anticipate the day we move back. Love y'all!


mckinsey said...

Hey Tif!! This is McKinsey!! You look sooo great!!! I haven't seen you in forever!!! So wher are yall moving to?? You really need to come by and visit us... we moved...we now live on 10th ave. downt he street from the old high school!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous... wish i was going to law school all over again! tim

Anonymous said...

It is such an interesting world..and you can only know that, when you get out there..
Soo you're headed out there.
No one ever said it would be easy, but've been to White Deer, and that should be an education enough for any other place..
Teresa will keep us informed about your adventures,,but this is special.
best of it all
sheila eccles
and I've also been to White Deer