Sunday, September 24, 2006


Hey guys!
I just wanted to take a minute to write about our fabulous weekend in Kansas City. It is pretty much understood that we will spend at least one night of our weekend with the most awesome couple that we have met while here in Topeka. We met them at a BBQ (I wouldn't call it a BBQ- nothing is as good as it is in Texas) for the new law students- Justin is in Chris's class, and Jayna will be finishing up her BS in May. Justin and Jayna are natives of Kansas (mostly) and showed us around the city Saturday night.
First they took us to one of their favorite cafes- Cafe' Trio. It was marvelous! I don't think that they have anything like it in the Texas Panhandle! I have never felt so sophisticated- everything was perfection! Appropriately it is on Broadway street...

After the wonderful dinner we drove to the Starlight Theatre to see Hairspray which was in town this weekend. It is a must see- hilarious!