Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We hope that everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!
Here are a few pics from our weekend...

The family at Nanny's house.

Papaw Britten and Papaw Campbell visiting...

We had so much food that even the puppies were passed out!
This is our cousin Lori's pup, Popeye. He is so cute!

I think that every time we come home we will be making it a tradition to go to 'Country Pride' to get some enchiladas. Luckily, dad (Nelson) ordered us some frozen and we got to bring them with us to Kansas- along with some Polish sausage!

Here we are with Chris's grandparents, Chris's mom and dad, and Tif's mom and dad- Lynsey is taking the picture!

Here she is...she is part of the family too!

The puppies are starting to adapt to the traveling way of life now. They can now eat out of spoons and drink out of water bottles...I know, I know, we are just making them more inclined to think of themselves as human!