Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wonderful Weekend!

We started our weekend off a little early with Mamaw and Grandy staying with us on Wednesday night as they were passing through on their way to Tulsa.

Of course we had to show them around campus! Here is Chris with them in front of the law school.

Luckily, everyone got along really are Callie, Kaikeyi and Sam when we got home.

Friday we headed home for the weekend and we had such a blast.
Saturday morning we went to see our niece, Morgan play volleyball.
She did so great! It was a really exciting game- she even scored the winning point for one of the games! Yea....we are a little proud of her; she is such a beautiful and talented young woman and we are so glad that we are a part of her life!

And my favorite shot....I loved the girls' socks.

Morg and her daddy...

See, I told you she was beautiful!

And finally, Tim, me, Morg and Chris