Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Climb for Komen!

Over the past two weeks I have been heading up one of our projects for Komen- Climb for Komen. It has really been a fun job- I pretty much got to plan and do everything on my own; my boss is so great and supportive of everything that I want to do.

The last session was when Chris and most of my GA friends came. We had so much fun!

Here is Chris, looking manly in the fashionable pink t-shirt that I designed.

In true coward form, Chris and I watched as the others scaled the wall!

Here is Darcy at the top...

Jessica making her way up...

and Karen...

Me!!! Thank goodness I cut my nails off the night before!

I was very thankful that my belayer didn't drop me! Great work, Karen!

And finally here is Chris making his way to the top- Darcy is belaying him.

The girls...

What a great fundraiser- a special thanks to Tiffany Martinelli, the rock wall instructor for OU for volunteering time every other day for the last two weeks to teach everyone participating. We raised $155.00 for Komen!