Saturday, November 15, 2008

50 days!

50 short days until our little man is due to make his big appearance! We couldn't be more excited; we can't wait to meet our little guy and to finally reveal his name! It looks like we have everything in place and ready to go...just in case. We have our baby bed all set up and ready to go, our stroller and car seat, and I have all of the pre-admission paper work sitting on my desk. I think that our next goal will be getting that paper work filled out and packing our bags for the hospital.

According to our doctor, everything looks good and I will be starting my every week visits soon. I was relieved that everything is still okay because I had the flu a few weeks ago and a high fever for a while. But, everything still looks good and we are so thankful that I am still able to work and go to class.

Chris is just the best husband that I could ever ask for...

I am currently in the middle of a series of weekend class to try to ease up my school burden next semester. Let’s just suffice it to say that taking a double course load and working is taking a bit of a toll, but we are going to hang in there until the end of the semester! Anyway, when I got home, he had all of our Christmas decorations up! That is very exciting to me because I was worried that if we didn't get it done before Thanksgiving then we would get wrapped up in finals and then all of the baby stuff and end up not decorating at all this year. But now, thanks to Chris, we will have a beautifully decorated home this Christmas. The only thing left to do is decorate the tree, which he purposely didn't do because he wanted us to do it together.

In other news, our beautiful puppies were chosen out of over 1,000 entries as top 20 finalists in the Women's Day Pet Costume Contest. Of course the picture that I submitted was from last year's costumes of the chef and the lobster, but we are still excited.

We are super pumped for Thanksgiving; hopefully we will both be able to get a lot of work done for finals prep the week after. Mostly, we hope that we have a little time together and are able to rest and relax!
Check back soon, as I plan to update this post with pictures!


Amanda said...

50 days?!?! That's so hard to believe. My doctor told me today that his goal is for me to make it to 37 or 38 weeks...our little men could possibly share the same birthday!!!