Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break!

Hooray for spring break! It couldn't have come at a better time! We can't believe that this is our last spring break!
We decided that it would be best to begin our house hunt in Amarillo- super exciting!
We found a great house, and we are debating on making an offer on it or waiting it out to see what else will be on the market in May. We can't wait to be back home.

Here is Mr. E in a cute little onezie from his cousin, Brooks! Thanks Jacey and Derek for the clothes!

He really loves that mobile...

Last Friday, before we left to come home, Chris's office threw him and his boss, Nick a surprise baby shower. Here are the two of them with their little men; Chris holding Eli and Nick holding Aaron...

Look at Aaron's cute little mohawk! What a little cutie!

Here is Evie with Aaron and Debbie with Eli... they are the secretaries in the office.

Here we all are- Marianne, Nick and Aaron, Chris, Eli and Tif...
Funny story- Tif and Marianne met before Chris started working with Nick. Marianne was one of Tif's nurses at her OBGYN. It wasn't for months that we figured out that we all knew each other.

We didn't take very many pictures over spring break, but we did get Mr. E with two of his cousins...adorable!


Monica said...

Too cute!! The first picture is adorable. Love the hair and he looks like he might take you out if you mess with him. Hope you enjoy what is left of your break.