Sunday, July 12, 2009

6 months

Sitting here today I can't believe that we have a 6 month old baby!
It seems like only yesterday we were heading home from the hospital wondering how on earth we were qualified to take care of a child! It was a kind of surreal moment like letting animals back into the wild from captivity- scared out of our mind and wide-eyed, we had a feeling of "Wow...this is real. What are we going to do?".

Amazingly, we are all still here!

Precious baby Eli,

You are such a joy. You seem to learn something new everyday...along with mommy and daddy.
We are so happy to have you in our lives and we can't wait to see all of the new adventures the next 6 months will bring.
It is amazing how you fill a hole in our lives that we didn't even know that we had. We can't imagine life without you. You steal pieces of our heart every day. Happy 6 month birthday, baby boy.
We hope that your future brothers and sisters aren't any cuter than you, or we may never want to stop having babies!

You are absolutely amazing.

Mommy & Daddy

Here is what little "E" is up to these days:

He currently weighs around 17lbs (we are going to the doctor tomorrow for a check-up, so I will update this later)

He loves his puppy dogs...even more than daddy and mommy.

He chews on his thumb constantly.

He is usually a great sleeper, but the last couple of nights he has not slept through the night.

His bald spot is almost completely gone!

He is still mostly on breast milk and we plan to stick with that for as long as we can, and other than a tablespoon of rice a day, he has not started any solids yet.

He is sitting up by himself and smiles and giggles constantly.

Here is a slide show of our first 6 months.


Slightly Askew Designs said...

Hey! First of all, Eli is absolutely ADORABLE! What a handsome little guy.
Secondly, thanks so much for the sweet compliments about my son's bday party!
Last, what kind of camera do you have? Your photographs are awesome!
:) andrea