Monday, August 31, 2009

Pass the Peas Please...

This week I made sweet peas for Eli. I was pretty proud of myself for trying them even though I don't care for peas- they really weren't that bad.

Turns our that Eli doesn't care for all. Who knew that feeding the little guy peas would equal pure torture in his little mind.

Here is a picture of the optimistic start.

It just snowballs from there...

I believe this is the point where he started crying...hysterically.

We had peas everywhere!

He was very happy when we took the peas away...

So, we will be giving the peas to cousin Emma- maybe she will like them a little more. Yesterday I made pears for him and he LOVED them for breakfast this morning!
So please pass the peas away from Eli.


Bita said...

OMG.... he's so dang cute!!!! Hope you guys are loving it in TX. :D