Thursday, November 12, 2009

10 Months...

It seems like yesterday I was blogging about Eli turning 9 months and today he is 10.

It seems like everyday he learns something new and fun.

He is pulling up on EVERYTHING and cruising along the walls and anything else that he can get balanced on. He has also figured out how to get down from a standing position, but that hardly happens. He is determined to forgo crawling and wants to walk (while we lead) everywhere. He has discovered how to open and pull everything out of the cabinets around the house, leaving plenty of fun clean-up jobs for mommy. Last week he also took his first steps! It was only four steps before he fell, but it won't be long before he is walking everywhere!

He has also discovered how to steal our hearts with just a smile...

He loves bath time...

He has 5 teeth- 2 on bottom and 3 on top.

He is in size 4 diapers, 12 month sleepers and 9-12 month clothes.

It is so fun to see how he is changing everyday.

This month he has added kiwi, apricots, lentils, black beans, cheese (hard), pasta, chicken, and brown rice to his diet. He is also drinking water from a sippy cup. We are eating 3 solid meals a day with every meal having a few finger foods.

I am still making his baby food. Sometimes, I have to admit, I have been jealous of how easy it seems to be to grab a jar and just feed Eli instead of thinking about what I have made and if I am giving him a balanced meal and hoping that he likes it. But, I try to keep in mind that this really is good for him and helping to pave the way for healthy eating in the future.

Here again is his 9 month scrapbook page...