Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter, Part Two...

After the egg hunt we cooked a little and then headed to Nanny's for another egg hunt. My cousin, Kaci made a ton of eggs for everyone to find. :) Thanks, Kaci!

Here is everyone lined up for the hunt. The eggs all had names on them, so my mom was helping Eli again. I was in the house with a screaming little girl. :)

Awww... baby Kaylee is growing up so fast! 

Nanny and Papaw... 

Kaci and Cody 

Little Miss made a quick appearance. You can probably see the tears in this picture. She was NOT happy at all. I am so thankful that Chris is so good at relieving me when he knows she isn't calming down. Seriously, she wailed for over an hour. Finally, Chris fed her some of baby Kaylee's formula and everything was all better! YAY! We knew that she was hungry, but she wanted nothing to do with me...lesson learned. I will always have a back-up bottle with me! 

After the hunt we ate and the kiddos played. Chris and I left the kiddos and went to a photo shoot in Pampa. Then we ate more, played more and went to bed! :)