Friday, June 03, 2011

Memorial Day Trip: Cowboy Hall of Fame

The day after our Zoo adventure, we headed out to the Cowboy Hall of Fame for the Chuck Wagon Cook-off. We had been a few times in years past, but this was the first time with kiddos.

Eli LOVED it. He loved the boots, the horses, the cowboy hats, the guitars...he might have stayed there all day if we would have let him. But, it was VERY hot and VERY windy. Ileigh slept a little and fussed a lot...:) but I think she enjoyed it too.

Here is Eli and I watching the bands play. As soon as he heard the music he stopped and asked us where Grandy was! I love this kid!

Here is Eli on hs first horse ride. I guess it was technically a pony. It didn't matter; I was super nervous. My stomach was in knots and I think had one hand on his shorts and the other on his leg the entire time. I just knew he would fall off. He didn't :). He did great- such a big boy. (I, on the other hand, almost threw up I was so nervous!) 

Brad and Emma (Please take note that Brad was clearly more comfortable that I was!). 

Next Eli wanted to rind the bull- He really enjoyed that! I couldn't believe that the guy didn't hold on to him! 

We colored a little, 

went on a wagon ride, 

and of course had to catch another ride on the ponies before we headed into the museum (air conditioning, thankyouJesus). 

At this point, Ileigh was asleep in her car seat, so the three of us posed for a quick little picture... 

What a great time! I hope we get to go back next year!