Friday, July 01, 2011

Ileigh Grace- 5 months

One little girl is just growing like a little weed around here.
Little Miss Ileigh's 5 month birthday was this week. Crazy!!! How has it been 5 months?

She was very excited about it!

Eli was pretty excited too...or a tad jealous and wanted in the picture.

Awww, he has my heart.

Can I just stop this post for a moment and tell you how much I LOVE this headband?
We are now about to a half inch of light red hair that sticks straight up on Ileigh's head...we need to wear headbands...we will probably need to wear them for another year! Anyway, I saw this one and couldn't help but order it...

Back to the child:
Ileigh is doing great at sitting up. It is funny because I think I tend to doubt her abilities. I always catch myself thinking she is too little to try things (like the high chair, the exersaucer, sitting up by herself...) then, I see pictures of Eli doing it at her age and I give it a shot- and she does great. I think we were more pushy encouraging with Eli than Ileigh to grow up faster.

She really likes the exersaucer...

And this month, she found her feet. She hasn't started sucking on them yet, but I am waiting on the day so that I can snag that picture!

Some little boy wanted to pose like sister...:)

Ileigh weighs about 14lbs, 5oz and just went to the doctor for her 5 month shots.

She will not take a bottle for anything! Ugh! This child will probably never take a bottle...just go straight to a sippy least, I hope she won't refuse that too! This was never an issue with Eli so we are totally in unchartered water. No fun at all.

She rolled over from back to tummy early this month, but still doesn't really like to be on her tummy. She loves to stand and move around. She doesn't really like to be rocked or cuddled. :( I am hoping I can convince her of otherwise....

But gosh, is she cute!

Sweet baby girl,
What a gift you are. You are amazing. We are so proud to be your mommy and daddy!