Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guess what we did today?

Someone loves their new big boy bike.
I am really surpised how well he is handling it! He has blown me away!
He is such a good listener and an even better driver.

He really liked talking to his shadow while he rode. And waving to all the cars that drove by.

Baby sister and I enjoyed our little stroll too. I was just in shock the whole time that my son was in front of me, ride a big boy bike. I might still be in shock. 

Me: Eli! Don't look down, honey! Look up, look up!! 

Me: No! No! I mean look straight! Watch where you are going! 

Me thinking to myself: I sure hope he remembers how to use those breaks. 

Taking a rest at the neighbors' 

Eli talking to baby sister...

Ileigh LOVES stroller rides...such a happy little girl!