Sunday, December 04, 2011

Ileigh Grace- 10 months

We were in Branson celebrating my dad's last chemo treatment when Ileigh turned 10 months.
This little cutie was fantastic in the car on the way down and on the way back. I was really worried about the drive, but apparently Ileigh just wanted a chance to show off how sweet she can be!
(It also helps that the trip fell between those nasty teething pains.)

Here is our little pumpkin in her adorable Thanksgiving outfit. Those of you who spent Thanksgiving with us might wonder why you didn't see her in it- she was teething and felt like junk. In fact, if I remember correctly, she slept through both families Thanksgiving celebrations. Oh, well. At least we have a couple of pictures of her in this adorable outfit! :)

Ileigh, we are so proud of you! You took your first steps a day after your turned 10 months. You even showed Memamaw your new moves while we were on vacation.

You have all 4 front teeth and love to point and wave. 

Oh, goodness child. You are adorable! And, on a side note I cannot get over how much you look like your big brother. 

Love you sweet girl!