Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Big 3-0

So, I finally got around to downloading all my birthday pictures my lovely friend Lauren took for me at my surprise birthday party this year.

Let me just say, this guy is good. I have a 'gift' of knowing what is going on with almost every surprise/gift the hubs is ever up to. This whole party slipped past my radar until we pulled up to the restaurant and I saw my parents' car. Even then Chris had everything so covered and well-planned that my questions were quickly dismissed. And it was more than a week before my actual birthday. :) Smart man.

We were suppose to be having dinner with Chris' oldest brother, Steve and wife, Abby. She even called me that day to confirm everything. I was totally in the dark.

It had been an awful day and I almost just told Chris to cancel, but I just kept telling myself that a nice, quiet dinner was what I needed. Then I walked around the corner and saw this....

I was totally shocked. And humbled.
Thank you all so much for coming out to celebrate my birthday. And to a special friend who drove 3 hours just to come and then turn around to head back home- you made me feel so loved. All of you did.

If there was ever a perfect cake for me, this was it. The teal, the ombré, the rosettes. Thanks, Lynz for making it!

Kaci won the trivia game.
Chris had a trivia game, decorations, newsletter and a playlist going all around an 80's theme- specifically around my birth date.

It looks like I'm a little tipsy. I promise I didn't drink- I was in so much shock.
We were running a half marathon in jut a few days- no way was I going to drink!
And my shirt is totally see-through- awesome. That's awkward.

This is a pic of those of us turning 30 this year- bye, bye 20's. I still can't believe that Chris got all these friends together from different walks of my life- elementary  friends, high school friends, college friends, church friends and family.

And of course I'm a Daddy's girl.

Thanks everyone who celebrated with me. You all know how to make a girl feel special!
And to the awesome husband that made it all happen- thank you. You are more than I have ever deserved.