Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Here is a quick look at our spring according to my phone...

Heather, Chelsey and I went to Lubbock to run the Color Run together. So fun!

One little boy loves bowling!

Aunt Lynda got Ileigh a crown!

Eli (mostly)ran his first 5k!


Donuts with Daddy before he went out of town...

Anyone need an extra cowhand?

Baby Polly!

No worries, Eli knows exactly what to make for a Daddy that doesn't feel well...

First Sprinkler Parties!

Matching toenails!

Silly Daddy...


Happy birthdays!

Ileigh loves her Grandy!

Mother's Day lunches....
Happy heart.

Double dates!

Our little gymnast...

End of school gifts...

Sharing our music with the world....

First snowcones of the year!

Here's to summer!