Saturday, January 11, 2014

Eli Turns 5!

 This was a blast!
My friend, Kiri had the idea of a paper air plane birthday party for her boys this summer. She asked for help designing the invites and I loved them so much that I decided that I wanted to do the exact same thing for Eli! Love it!

Gosh, isn't he handsome!!!!

 This was Eli's first year of being allowed to invite friends and he was super pumped about it. We like to limit parties to family until you turn 5...just for our sanity. And budget. :)
We had a great turn out and had a blast with all of Eli's friends and their parents!

 We decorated planes and raced them at the end of the party! Super fun.

 Look at that tongue at work, people. Serious work going on over there!

Happy birthday to our big 5 year old! Know that you are loved beyond words and that we are so proud to be your parents!