Friday, August 22, 2014

Asher and Co.

   You, Mr. Asher had a ton on people waiting to meet you!

First, Eli and Ileigh had to check on mommy...

After figuring out that she was okay, daddy mentioned that Baby Asher brought them a gift.

A new Lego set for Eli and lipgloss for Ileigh; how did you know exactly what they would want, Asher?

Eli made us promise (many, many times) that he would be the first one to hold Asher and the first to know if he was a boy or girl, and the name, so, we didn't tell anyone anything until Eli and Ileigh got to the hospital.

They were introduced to their little brother first thing.
Eli held his first, but I think big sister was the most smitten... 

Every single time she saw him, she had to hold him. :)