Monday, August 28, 2006

A grown-up job!

Well, okay, I wasn't really looking too hard for a job yet- Chris just finished his first week of school, and I wasn't planning on looking until at least the first of the month, but I went ahead and applied for a position because it was in line with my degree.
I am now employed with TFI Family Services. Kansas has an independent child care system, so my company is contracted by the state to provide child and family welfare services- including mental services. I am very excited because there are many avenues that I could take to grow within the company and they will pay for my Master's degree!
Okay, so the thing that I am most excited about is that I have a SALARY POSITION!!! No more hourly wages! Paid holidays and paid vacation here I come! I also have super-great benefits for around $10.00 a month, life insurance, 401K- wow- I have a real job!
So my official title is 'Care Manager'- don't ask me exactly what I do, because it is a little hazy. I know that I don't deal directly with families and I don't find homes for the children, and I have my own data entry person who enters my cases into the system for me. What ever else there is to do, I think I do that- except filing- there is someone who does that too.