Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

In celebration of one of the two Mondays a year that my dad and brother get to close down the feed store, we all met in Oklahoma City to see the Big 12 Baseball Championships.

Here are a few pictures from the games....Chris did a great job.

We caught the end of the OSU Missouri game...

This was the OU Baylor game...

Baylor dugout; we were on the OU side of course!

Bubba at the top of the stadium

just us....

Me and my dad at the game...mom fell asleep- she had taken allergy medicine.

It was a good game- we hadn't been to a baseball game in forever- what a fun way to ring in the summer! Too bad OU didn't go to the finals though!

Sunday we visited a stew cook-off at the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

It was a bit muddy from all the rain, so wearing flip flops wasn't the brightest idea....we had fun though, and the peach cobbler was amazing.

Random fiddle guy posing for Chris...

Mom and dad in front of a little water fall there. It was their anniversary weekend. Good thing they love us enough to let us tag along. They have been married for 29 years.

These are just some random pictues that I took on the drive home..it really is beautiful.

We are planning on coming home for the summer on Monday- just 6 short days away. We are looking forward to a wonderful, relaxing summer surrounded by our friends and family! Give us a call if you come our way!