Saturday, May 19, 2007

School's Out for Summer!

It is offical - Chris is one third a lawyer. Thank goodness we have a summer to recover from spring finals! Two weeks from today we will be headed back to good ol' Texas for a summer filled with family, friends and fun!

In the middle of finals, we decided to have the study group over for a cookout to celebrate the end of the year and Chris's birthday....we had so much fun. We were pretty amazed that 14 people and two hyper puppies could all be in our tiny house at one time!

The kiddos, Danielle and Katie...

Justin and Jayna...

Clayton, Doug and Katie...

Aaron and his wife- they have 4 kids! We don't know how they do it, and they have the most polite kids ever!

On Chris's actual birthday, the day before his hardest final, he opened a few presents.
These are his hot new shoes from I wonder if I will get a discount for the plug!

Here is the new suit that my dad bought for him.

Mother's Day weekend we got to take a quick trip home for Jessica's wedding, Chris's b-day party, Mother's Day, and some interviews.

Here is Jessica and Warren- they had a really cute ceremony- we loved the groom's cake! We love weddings and wish them all of the best!

After the wedding we headed out for some BBQ to celebrate Chris's b-day. Brandon came all the way from New Mexico to have dinner with us!

Lynz just lives across the street, so she walked over!

Here is Mamaw with the birthday boy!

Mother's Day was so nice. We all went over to Amarillo to eat at Nanny's favorite resturant, and then we went to visit papaw in the rehabilitation center.
Nanny, me and mom

Then we headed over to M2D2's in Canyon to spend the night....
Derek, Chris's brother, and Jacey came up to spend time with mom and dad...

So if you know Chris, then you know he loves his Christmas gift- the new camera.
I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but I was trying to be the supportive wife, so we pulled over for pictures of this train loaded with military gear outside of White Deer for about 20 minutes! It was really neat to see...