Monday, November 05, 2007

Anyone need a photographer?!?

As one of our hobbies, Chris and I love to take pictures. We have shot 3 weddings (soon to be 4 in December) and 2 sets of engagements together. We try to have a lot of fun with it and one of our weddings told us that we should think about going into business together.
Anyway, of course we jumped at the chance to shoot for Brad (Tif's twin) and his fiancée, Alison.
They are getting married on May 24, 2008.
All the pictures turned out great; they look really good together.
Congrats Brad and Alison!

Here are just a few pictures from Saturday...


Eric Rath said...

Okay, those pictures are amazing! I LOVE the one with her looking through her ring -- how creative!! You'll definitely have to take family pictures for us once the baby comes! Love and miss ya'll! Kayla

Brad Britten said...

Awesome Pictures Chris & Tiff!
Thank you so much!