Thursday, July 03, 2008

The big announcement!

While we have enjoyed having our “little secret,” we are excited to let everyone know that we are expecting our first baby!

We have been planning this big step for our family for over two years now, and we are excited that we are finally able to let everyone know our happy news.

We found out that we were expecting on Chris's 30th birthday, May 7th. Our baby's arrival date is set for January 3rd, 2009- the same day as our Mamaw's birthday.

We shared the news with Tif's parents on Father's Day. This will be their first grandbaby, so we wanted to make the announcement memorable. Here is a video of our father’s day gift... it just so happens that a couple of weeks before Father’s Day, I had suggested that my dad get a wagon for his new mower. His reply was that he only needed one of those when he had grandkids so that he could pull them around. We thought that the timing was perfect and had to get him one…

We have a habit of sending pictures to Chris's parents through Wal-Mart. We made sure to let them know to be expecting a set of pictures and to call us when they picked them up. What they didn't know was that among the random group of pictures were a picture of the positive pregnancy test and our "buns in the oven" picture. They were both happy for us and were very surprised.

Many of you know that Chris had an internship in Amarillo for 6 weeks, so he missed a lot of the first trimester, including our first sonogram... I really wanted him to be able to see it, so we brought the video camera!

Needless to say, I am very excited that Chris is back in Norman! Thank you to all of my wonderful friends here who kept me company while Chris was gone- you guys are the best!

Even though we are through our first trimester, please keep us in your prayers for a healthy baby and a safe pregnancy and delivery. We know that the fall semester will be tough for both of us, but at the same time, nothing can match the joy that we feel to have such a wonderful blessing from God.

Baby Pirtle- 12 weeks, 6 days


Tom Sepper said...

Congratulations! Best wishes on a wonderful and healthy pregnancy.

Monica said...

congrats. I am so happy for you guys!!! I hope you enjoy every minute of it because it goes by fast!!!! Take care