Monday, July 14, 2008

Week 15

Just wanted to post a short blog about how everything is going with us!
Chris is home and is busy taking care of the yard, cleaning grout, laundry and cooking! It is so wonderful to have him back! I am working and will begin my second summer class today...yuck.

The daily nausea is almost completely gone...something I am very thankful for. I am still waiting for my energy to return however! We have our next appointment in two weeks...I can't believe that 15 weeks have already flown by. In just a few more weeks we will find out if we are having a boy or a girl and 20 weeks is the half-way mark! I think that we are both in a little bit of a shock to think that we are almost half-way through.

Officially everyone knows now that we are expecting. I just have to say that everyone here at OU has just been so supportive and wonderful. All of my friends here are so excited to become "aunts"! I am pretty much one of the only grad students that I know that is married in our program and for sure the only one pregnant, so it is nice to have such a wonderful support system.

Finally, I just have to share a small little blessing that reminded me that God is still watching out for us. I was a little down Friday night because if you know anything about our financial situation you know that it is tight and very calculated. Are we poor? Not by any stretch of the imagination... however, I will say that we have a very basic budget that is very conservative; we choose to live on my small GA stipend.
My point is that I knew that we didn't have the money for maternity clothes for me. There was no way...I was astounded by the prices.
Needless to say, God still provided and we happened upon a huge sale at Target where I found dress pants for $7.00. I ended up with 6 or 7 pairs of pants. The total came out the exact amount that we had saved for clothes. I felt so stupid and heartbroken that I had gotten so upset and down and that in the end, God had provided everything that I needed.

Anyway, just a small little glimpse at how God provides. How much more trivial could my problem have been and he was still there, with an answer before I even had a need.
We are so blessed.


Monica said...

happy happy 15 weeks!! What an exciting time! Hope you enjoy this next trimester, the honeymoon period. Fantastic!!! Take care