Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We were excited to head home this past weekend to celebrate three very important birthdays!

First, Teresa (Tif's mom) turned 53 on the 9th, next was Nanny's (Tif's grandmother) big 80th on Sunday and finally Gloria's (Chris's mom) 65th which was today. We started off Friday night celebrating Teresa's birthday at Dyer's in Pampa...unfortunately, we didn't have our camera, so no pictures! Nelson, Teresa, Brad and Alison were all there. We love visiting with them because our time together is always filled with laughs...and there is never a dull moment...you never know what the topic of discussion will be!

Saturday morning we left White Deer to go to Amarillo to pick up a rental car (long story involving our wreck a couple of weeks ago), and then we were off on secret agent missions...i.e. picking up the surprise birthday cake for Chris's mom and delivering it to the Amarillo Club.

After our secret agent missions were complete, we headed to Canyon to visit Richard and Gloria. After a few hours of chatting we dismissed ourselves to Mamaw and Grandy's to get ready for the big dinner party celebrating Gloria's 65th birthday that she had no idea about.

(On a side note...we started dating the February before Gloria's 60th birthday, and I still remember that surprise party. It is neat to think back and see how different everything is now, just 5 years later!)

Here is our table at the Amarillo Club...Gloria was very surprised!

Richard and the birthday girl!

Mamaw and Grandy...

Tim and Amber...

The new family of four- Jacey, Brooks, Hudson and Derek...

just us....and baby p.

Gloria and Mamaw...

Chris and the b-day girl!

It was wonderful to have everyone together to celebrate Gloria's special day.

Sunday after church we were off to Amarillo for Nanny's surprise party at Hoffbrau. The look on her face said it all! It was really nice to see so many members of our family! We were very excited that uncle Max, aunt Sue and Stef came into town!

The birthday girl with the cake!

We had a great time at the party! Unfortunately, we could only stay for about an hour before we had to head back to Oklahoma. We made a very short stop in Bricktown to say "happy birthday" to miss Alta.

Here we are with Alta! She is one of Tif's co-workers and fellow GA in Student Life.

Other than that, we are doing well! We are both feeling better from the wreck; we have found a great chiropractor here in Norman (thanks for the referral, Kaci!). L'il P is doing well and kicking like crazy! We have our next visit with the doctor next Tuesday, so we will let you know how it goes!