Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, it’s finally my turn to get to write a blog. (Since we created the blog I think I’ve written maybe, maybe 5 times…yeah, I stink.) Tif has been so amazing and wonderful with all of her posts, this one doesn’t even purport to be at her level. So I hope I don’t bore you, especially since I have no fun and exciting pictures to post.
As most of you know, Tif and I have been in our obnoxiously busy time with both school and work. We are both finally finished with our finals and are looking forward to only having one semester left! I simply have to say that I am so amazingly proud of my beauTIFul, smart wife. Up to this semester, she’s been carrying a 4.0 in her graduate work, but has been worried about this semester because of her unusually high amount of hours that she took, meanwhile carrying our first child. However, as I get the opportunity to hear her talk about her school work, and as I get to watch her smile and see the passion in her eyes over what she is studying, I have no doubts that she will assuredly keep her 4.0. Every time I get to hear her, I sit in sheer joy because rarely are people so excited (truly excited) about what they are studying and their future careers. We should all be so blessed to have this outlook. Thank you, Tiffany, for always helping me see the bright side of everything!
As many of you know, both of our lives were changed four years ago. Yesterday, we celebrated our fourth anniversary…the four best years of my life! We spent the entire day together, which neither of us can remember the last time that happened when there wasn’t some impending amount of school or work lurking behind our backs. To the onlooker, it may seem a bit lackluster, but those of you who have been married for at least one day recognize how wonderful it is to spend the whole day with your gorgeous bride, strolling around and Christmas shopping with no concerns about time or work. We started by eating breakfast at a place called Mimi’s Café. It is a chain that we found in Denver, and their breakfast is amazing! We found the one in OKC, and got our traditional fare of pancakes and pain perdue (French toast filled with orange marmalade cream cheese). Next, Christmas shopping. We did have to break from shopping long enough to go have another sonogram, though. A couple of weeks ago our doctor thought our little guy might be breach, which means automatic C-section…not what we wanted at all. We were both quietly concerned, and were a bit scared at what might be the outcome. So, on our fourth anniversary, we got to celebrate by “seeing” our son again! How amazing is that?! God was with us and Baby P yesterday as we found out that he is NOT breach, so we can keep going with our birth plan. Heavenly Father, thank you so much for blessing us so deeply and richly and for keeping our little guy healthy and safe! So, I have to say that our day was pretty amazing. Tiffany, thank you for the last four years! You have become my best friend, my confidante, my lover, my rock, my partner, my love, the mother-of-our-soon-to-be-son…my wife! I hope each of you reading this may have as wonderful and blessed a marriage as we have been given. God, thank you for blessing us with each other, for planning such an awesome journey, and for the many wonderful years ahead!
In law school they have tried to teach us the power of the pen, of words, but they have failed. For no amount of education and training will allow me the knowledge to scribe my love and passion for my wife. Other married couples understand my dilemma. I fear that some of the most beautifully written works have been penned at the hands of those trying to imagine the experience of true, God-given love, though not knowing it. So, please forgive my lack of words and use of colloquialisms. Tiffany, I love you more than anything, more than you know, more than I know. You are the love of my life, and I am so excited to see what God has in store for us. I love you!
For everyone else, I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas season! We hope you have the chance to celebrate with family and friends, enjoying their surrounding love and comfort. Remember why we celebrate. Two thousand years ago we were blessed with a love so powerful. We were given the chance to enter the Kingdom of Heaven through the cleansing power of Christ’s blood, and this season we celebrate his birth and first coming. Have a Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year!