Wednesday, January 07, 2009

-4 days...

Still here! No baby!
We went to the doctor yesterday and Tif is dilated to a least there is a glimmer of hope in the distance. Chris is banking on having the little guy on the 10th, and Tif thinks that it will be on the 8th- that way we can put the little guy in his OU gear when OU wins the National Championship...the game will have to be on even if we are in labor! Oooooh! We could have a party at the hospital...yeah, totally kidding.
If we don't have the little guy by Monday the 12th we will be induced. For now we are trying every trick in the book to naturally induce.
We know that God works in His perfect time. I wish that patience was a better virtue of mine. Please be praying that we go into labor sometime before Monday morning.


The Jackson Journey said...

bless your heart! I know how anxious you become at the end. We are praying for the "small pains" of labor to begin (you can do anything you set your mind to!) May it go smooth and quick. We are so excited to meet this little guy.

Anonymous said...

Just don't overcook. He might come out dry.