Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, we are still waiting for the arrival of our little guy! Tif feels great..maybe a little too great...we are beginning to think that this little guy will never come out!
Even though we are loving these relaxing days full of movies and alone time, we are both very anxious to meet him!

For our New Year's celebration, we decided to head to downtown OKC for their "Opening Night" celebration. It was a great time, even though it was really cold outside. We started out the evening watching a local band, Lemma. They were really pretty good and then we headed out for the raising of the ball...
We were sure to stay close to the fire department just in case we went into labor!

Here we are as they are raising the ball...kind of a weird picture...we weren't still enough!

The firework show...

We wish everyone health and many blessings this year!