Monday, May 10, 2010

Perfect Weekend...

This Friday, Chris's birthday, we dropped Eli off with his Memamaw, Aunt Tammie and Aunt Heather and headed to Oklahoma for a photography workshop with the amazingly talented Benita Cloward. Benita took family pictures for us when Eli was 3months old and we are in the midst of planning another shoot. She has a style and funk that drew me to her work...and I am still inspired when I check into what she has been doing.

So, for Chris's birthday I set him up with her for the day while I went and visited a few of my friends in the city. Jess and Karen- I had an absolute blast! Thanks for going out to lunch with me! After lunch Benita invited me to hang out with her and Chris at their photo shoot. During the shoot, I finally got to deliver Matt and Jace's diaper cake to Matt's parents! Woot! I am happy they have it before the babies arrive!
After the shoot, Benita let me sit while she taught Chris her editing process and even let me do some editing! Woot! I learned so much with just the few hours I spent with her, so I know that Chris had to have learned a ton. She also gave us some great advice on how to build our business and what lenses and cameras to look for as we expand our ventures.

I am so proud of the pictures that Chris took while with Benita.

With the hectic weekend we haven't had time to edit many, but you can check out a few of them on our photography website!