Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Fourth: The rest of the story.

For the last 4 or 5 years we have had the same 4th of July routine.
We get up early to eat pancakes in Canyon, go see the parade, walk the square and finish off the night in White Deer watching/popping fireworks.
This year was extra special because Canyon celebrated on Saturday and White Deer celebrated on Sunday! No rushing around in one day- hooray!

Here is Gloria and Richard's annual 4th picture!

Eli was big enough to enjoy his very first pancake breakfast! May there be many more to come, little guy!


Mamaw and Grandy...

Gloria, Richard and Chris...

Finger-lick'n good!

After breakfast we had  to get Eli a flag and take a few pictures!

Eli insisted that Mamaw and Grandy walk him to the square...heart-melting!

Just as soon as we started taking these pictures Eli saw a dog...he is saying "woof" in every single picture. :)

After the square we made a quick trip to the car because it started raining and had a diaper time-out.

Then we ate Cheerios and watched the parade...I have to say that I think Chris is the best dad ever. He is just so loving with Eli.

Saturday evening my parents came to town and we went to dinner with Chris's parents. It is so nice that our families like each other! Then we went back to Richard and Gloria's for dessert. The plan was to watch the Canyon fireworks, but they were cancelled because of the rain.

Sunday morning, Chris and I went to church and Eli stayed at home with his Memamaw and Grandpaw. We went to lunch and then ran a few errands before heading to White Deer for the best firework show in the Panhandle!

We had dinner with Nanny, Papaw and Lynda, and of course I didn't take a single picture! :(
Here we all are though at the fireworks!
*I have heard the White Deer fireworks referred to as "The Circle of Death". I have been going pretty much every year since birth and I have never left without a fear for my life. Basically, the community comes together in a giant circle and shoots off fireworks together...it can get pretty out of hand, but I have never been more entertained! The ambulance only had to come out once this year- success! 
Eli did really well. It started off a little iffy, but I think being in the back of my car helped, just like at the parade the day before.

Eli got really confident and wanted Grandpaw to hold him for the last of the show!

So sweet!

We left toward the end of the fireworks and made it home around 11:30- a full day, but so fun!