Friday, July 02, 2010

What? Another new recipe?

This might be some sort of record or something.
I am proud to say that we tried yet another new recipe last night. Not only did I break away from the mundane weekly food routine, but I have had dinner ready and on the table when Chris walked through the door everyday this week....miracle beyond miracle, I know. I think I deserve dinner out tonight! ;) (hint,hint.)

Not that this recipe is super hard or anything, but it is different.

Pizza Pockets

You’ll need:

premade pie crust

spaghetti sauce

mozzarella cheese


egg white

Use a pizza cutter to divide the crusts into six parts each.

Spread a little spaghetti sauce on each piece.

Put mozzarella cheese on half of the pieces.

Put some pepperoni on the other halves.

Lay the halves on top of each other.

Fold over the edges to make little pockets. Vent the tops with a knife. Coat each with a little bit of egg white.

Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. (Photos and recipe courtesy of MckMama)

Really, these were super easy and super yummy. I paired this with grilled veggies and we were set. I even made one without pepperoni for Eli (I really don't like the idea of giving him that kind of highly processed meat yet) and he loved it. Chris was a huge fan...I am happy!

Eli was such a joy this week…just the happiest little thing (hence, dinner on the table everyday). Over the past month he has started “calling” for us. It really is adorable to hear “Mommy?” across the house. The last couple of days he has been really missing his daddy. Wednesday it was a constant, “Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?” It was really sweet, but frustrating when you know that daddy won't be home for another three hours and the kid is stuck with you, no daddy! :)

Hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend! We love the 4th! Be safe and have fun!