Thursday, September 23, 2010

Red River

Since we had family coming into town for Labor Day, we decided to put off our holiday for a few weeks. Last weekend, at the very last second, we decided to head out of town because we knew that if we didn't go then we wouldn't go at all. We literally didn't know where we were going until around midnight the night before. Chris got to work at 4:30am to finish up some things he had going on and we pulled out of Amarillo for Red River at 2:00p.m...we booked the hotel on the way. This is so unlike me... I am a planner, but we have been so busy, I just didn't have time to care! Ha! We went along with my parents, who also were in need of some serious vacation time.

We stayed in a little apartment-type hotel, the Auslander. It was so nice to have a kitchen and a living room instead of two plain hotel rooms! Eli really enjoyed being able to see Memamaw and Grandpaw whenever he wanted.
I had  to get this picture. This is on the little patio area from our room. The holes were the perfect height for a certain little boy to look out. 

Eli is fascinated with guitars at the moment. So, when we heard that there was live music in the park, we took him down to check it out.

Eli might have gotten really attached to Memamaw and Grandpaw. Much to my mother's delight, Eli can fully say her name now...and sing the song that goes along with it. If this kid can say Memamaw, he can say anything!

Red River is full of motorcycles and tractors...what more could a little boy want?

Oh, and wagons to pull around...

Our third day we headed to Taos to do a little shopping. My favorite was this toy store with a playground in was pretty awesome.

Eli giving daddy kisses through the netting...Eli has the best daddy.

We also took a little walk...

and yes, even being 4 1/2 months prego with our little Sweet Pea, I still let Eli ride on my shoulders when it got really steep.

He loved to look at the river... he also got really attached to his Elmo on this trip; he went everywhere with us.

Eli with the best daddy in the world!

Just for fun, here is a picture from our Red River trip last year! Look at those little chubby cheeks- Eli's, not mine! ;) It is fun to think that next year I will be toting a little girl the same age.

Oh, we had a great time. Chris got to spend a few days away from work and I got caught up on all  of our photography stuff! Chris even helped me edit a few! It feels so nice to be completely caught up again. Of course, we have 4 more photo shoots this weekend, and I will be behind once again, but I am relishing in the glory of this moment!