Tuesday, October 12, 2010

21 Months...

Eli, you are 21 months today- holy cow!

Since we can home from Red River, you have really become attached to all of your bears. This is how I found you and daddy one night when I came in to brush your teeth...I think there is a total of 3 bears, a puppy and a monkey that he is holding....two monkeys if we count you!
(You have the best daddy ever.)

You are a budding artist. Clearly, this is your depiction of your Kaikeyi dog...

You also started lining all your toys in a row! What a huge step in your development! I had just read that you would start to do this by age two and then a few days later you started it on your own...soon you should be able to stack your rings according to size and color.

We picked up this race track at the craft show this weekend. It is your new favorite toy...

Your favorite thing to eat is Mac and Cheese and you even ask for it for breakfast every morning- gag!
You also know your full name- the way you say "Pirtle" is so cute.
You are a very good counter, but you occasionally forget the number 4- we will work on that!
Your favorite song is a toss up between "Muffin Man" and "Jesus". We play your Kindermusik CD constantly throughout the day now. You always ask for your "CD". When daddy is rocking you at night you could be in the middle of a dead sleep and wake up when he stops singing and say "Jesus". Daddy says that it is so cute that he ends up singing Jesus Loves E twenty times!
You also mastered jumping at the beginning of this month! You were trying so hard to get both of those feet off of the ground and you finally got it! You love to jump all the time now.
We love you, little boy!