Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What happens in Vegas....

So we returned home from our Vegas trip last night. We had a blast, but it was so good to be home and even better to see Eli!
I would say that it was nice to sleep in our own bed again, but we have reached that point in our marriage where a King-size bed is pure heaven to us...well, me. I don't really know how Chris feels about it. It seems as though if Eli is ever in bed with us, he is always above my head, pushing me down and over to where about a 1/8th of a sliver of our bed is still mine...did I mention that I am almost 7 months pregnant?

So, while we were on the plane to Vegas, Chris threw out that he thought it would be awesome if we were to re-new our vows while we were there. Oh, that was all I needed...soon we were laughing and joking about what all we needed, including Elvis to officiate.
Maybe Chris just started the conversation to help my nerves on the plane, but we had so much fun planning.

We happened upon this wedding chapel while we were visiting the famous "Pawn Stars" shop on the strip. It was actually one of the most famous chapels in Vegas! It was neat to look around and see all of the celebrities that had said their vows there.
It was a little too pricey for us to just renew our vows there, but it is a heck of a deal compared to our actual wedding!

So, we settled for a dramatic kissing picture outside instead!

The last night we went to dinner alone and wrote out our new vows to one another.
You know, the "real deal" ones...the ones that you become dependent upon after almost 8 years together (6 of those married).

Chris's Vows'
1. Always carry chapstick in his pocket.
    (I have become reliant on Chris to have chapstick at all times)
2. Offer to carry Tif's phone when she has no purse or pockets.
3. NEVER leave the dishes in the dishwasher just on the rinse cycle
    (Okay, so this is like my number one pet peeve. Chris will do a wonderful job helping out with the dishes, but he likes to use the rise cycle. Then I get about halfway through putting those dishes up and realize that they weren't fully washed...just rinsed)
4. Always pour Tif's drink in the red glasses to show "hotness".
    (Chris has made a habit of pouring all my drinks in a red cup if he is getting them; he says that it is because I am hot, but think it is so I won't drink out of his...but it is still cute and I love it)
5. Make phone calls for Tif when she doesn't want to.
    (I hate to make phone calls in the middle of the day with two babies at home...I always feel rushed and I just wait for someone to start screaming)
6. Don't make fun of Tif's spelling- ever.
    (I have a bit of a spelling complex. It totally stems from childhood. I can spell, I just doubt everything)
7. Don't shave goatee without Tif's permission.
    (Hello- Chris's goatee is super hot. I would be so sad if he shaved it and didn't tell me)
8. Always kiss Tif after our prayers.
    (We always pray before a meal and before bed together. I adore it when Chris gets up in a restaurant to kiss me in front of everyone after we have said our prayer)

Tif's Vows'
1. Always have at least one ironed shirt ready for Chris to wear.
    (I do all of the laundry/ ironing. It can prove difficult for there to always be a freshly starched dress shirt for Chris to wear to work. Really, he has only been without a handful of times, but I know it is important to him)
2. Offer to carry the camera/lenses in purse for Chris.
    (Chris allowed me to buy a huge purse that a love a few years ago- part of that deal was to offer to carry his camera/lenses in it when he doesn't want to carry his entire camera bag)
3. Chris has first dibbs on his houseshoes...always.
    (I might be bad at getting in his closet to get his super comfy houseshoes before he has a chance)
4. Have some type of dessert in the house at all times.
    (I blame this on his mother- she had a dessert for everyone while he was growing up. He has to have something sweet)
5. Keep track of all family events/birthdays/Christmas presents and cards.
    (I have always been in charge of buying gift and keeping up with birthdays...does anyone's hubby actual do this? I will be super impressed if they do!)
6. Do all of our finances.
    (I started a little less than a year ago. Chris would get in a super bad mood after he paid bills; I took over and now he doesn't even have to think about it)
7. Always remind Chris to call his mom/mamaw
    (Again, does any man really think to do this?)
8. Make a conscious effort to replace the toilet paper roll when it is empty.
    (I might  have a habit of just getting the new roll out and laying it on top of an empty roll...I know I am guilty)

There you have it, folks. Our new vows to one another. Of course, these do not replace the ones we first said- like about never cheating or always being a safe haven- these are just in addition to. :)
We had a great time with everyone on the trip, and as soon as I have time I will make another post with more pictures!