Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve...

If I could freeze any image in my mind in hopes to captivate our Christmas Eve, it would be this picture.

We are so, so blessed to have this beautiful, smart, glowing baby boy. When I think about what a blessing he and my husband are every other "thing" falls into place.

I have been thinking a lot about "things" and how quickly everything in your world can be turned upside down lately. Basically, there was a horrific accident involving a family from here in Amarillo.
I didn't know this young woman, her husband who is a coach at the high school just a few blocks from our house, or their two precious little girls- 6 and almost 2. Many of my friends knew her; she could have easily been a couple that we went to church with or one of our photo clients- with so many close circles, I am sure our paths might have crossed one day. She was 30 weeks pregnant with a little boy when, while traveling home from Christmas they were in a head-on collision. She was air-lifted and the baby was delivered by C-section and is in critical condition. She passed away the next morning leaving behind her husband of 9 years, two daughters and a newborn son.
I guess what has me so shaken is how we seem so similar. She was a 30 year old stay-at-home mommy with 2 kids, one on the way and a loving husband. That is straight in line with where we want to be in three years, when I am 30. It all just seems so relatable that it has really turned my last few days around.
So, instead of working on my photo editing tonight, like I should, I wanted to take time to post about our Christmas Eve. Someday I hope that Eli (and hopefully our future kiddos) will look and treasure the time their mommy took to let everyone know just how special the small moments are.

Our Christmas Eve is pretty much the same every year. I hope that it is like this for a very long time.
We woke up early that morning to take family pictures for Brad and his little family. After that we let the kiddos open two gifts.

Here is Eli in his rocket tent from Uncle Baff and Aunt Alison- they scored big time. Eli loves his new "cave".

Then, my dad took them out on the patio to see his big surprise...John Deere Tractors...motorized John Deere Tractors. 

Eli hasn't gotten off that thing since he saw it. He even wants to eat on it instead of his highchair- wonderful, huh?
It was so precious to watch him and Emma's little personalities shine through as they explored their new toy. Emma was fearless and pretty much took out anything in her way. Eli, on the other hand was very cautious and careful, taking his time and playing it safe. I wonder who he gets that from? :)
Today he drove all around our living room, but from the looks of these pictures, I thought it would be at least another month before he was riding around!

Aren't they cute? 

Sorry, I just had to throw in this precious picture of our Kaikeyi smiling for the camera! 

After our church's candle light service, we headed back to my parents' house to get everything together for dinner.
Now, don't be too jealous...I know the awesomeness can be too much to handle, but here are the "ugly Christmas sweaters" that I made for our clan this year. Just let the awesomeness of the picture speak for itself. 

After dinner at my parents' house, we headed to Nanny's for gifts!

Here is the hat that Eli's Aunt Steffi made him! He wouldn't take it off! Since then everywhere we wear it we have no fewer than 3 people come up to us and tell us how adorable he is! Thanks, Aunt Stef! 

Here is a picture of half of the room... 

I love Christmas Eve at Nanny's. It is loud, crazy, stressful, hectic and flat-out insane; I wouldn't have it any other way....I don't think any of my cousins would either! :)

We hope that everyone had a wonderful time with family over the Christmas weekend. Thank you to all of our family and friends...we love you all!