Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh, yeah, we are having a baby...

I have to keep reminding myself that we will have a little girl soon; as in 4 weeks. Ekkkk...that was a little scary to write out.
It is amazing how different your second pregnancy is...instead of day-dreaming about your upcoming bundle of joy, you are wrestling with your first-born, cooking, cleaning and just living. I can only imagine that it gets worse with the third, fourth, fifth...and so on. I am not going to lie, it is a bit of a downer.
I am sure that once "Sweet P" is here the afore mentioned won't matter.

Mostly, I am ready. Not in the literal sense of the word. I have a small, small, amount of clothing washed and ready to go. We have a few diapers. No meals cooked, but maybe after Christmas we can start planning that. Chris knows where the car seat is in the storage shed and I found the newborn inserts for it a few days ago while cleaning out the second bedroom closet. We are planning to get the co-sleeper out and next to our bed this weekend.

I think I am just ready to be able to focus on our little girl. Is it sad that I am looking forward to the hospital stay a little just so that I won't have to worry about Eli, cooking every night, bills, laundry and making sure the house is picked up? Yes, I think that is a little sad, but I am not going to lie! ;) I am excited about that time alone with our new baby. I am excited about having a girl; about having a boy and a girl. Even if I don't ever get to have another baby, I have both a boy and a girl. How wonderful is that?!?

I have been thrown off a little because everyone that I know around me has already had their baby...even if they were due after me. I am so very grateful that all of their babies are fine now and healthy. It makes me even more thankful to have a wonderful pregnancy this go 'round just like with Eli. I do pray that the delivery goes better with Sweet P though.

Things aren't looking too promising, however. A few weeks ago, we found out that she is breech. Of course I was relieved when the sonogram tech said that she is healthy and perfect...just upside down. She has moved no less than 6-8 times (that I know of) and as I write I can feel hiccups lower, so I think she is facing the right direction at the moment. Don't you love my scientific, fail-proof way of knowing how she is laying? Anyway, I am sure that she will turn back again as I lay down to go to bed. My doctor isn't worried at the moment and will plan to do another sonogram late next week to see where she is. We shall see.

Anyway, just a general update. We are busy here getting ready for Christmas, excited to see family and spend a few days together. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas- be safe!