Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Regarding the purging...

I know everyone is just dying to know how my "bag a day" is going...

Honestly, it is easier than I was anticipating being that a) I have a ton of junk b) I don't love to clean and c) I have a newborn and a two year old to help me... all day long.

The first obstacle that I decided to tackle was my purse. It was bad, and I knew it.
What are in those huge purses you see women carrying around?

Well in mine I found Eli's sunglasses, infant gas medicine, 3 hair ties, 3 diapers (clean), baby announcements, 2 pairs of socks and too many pens to count...along with everything else shown below.

Oh, there is my little helper! Gosh, he is cute.

That night I broke a thermometer in our bathroom. Maybe I wasn't paying attention in my 8th grade science class, but I really didn't know that breaking a mercury thermometer was that big of a deal. Chris wasn't feeling well and had already taken all kinds of allergy medicine and was practically comatose when all of this happened. I just happen to mention that I was cleaning up everything when he told me to make sure not to touch it.

Ooops. I didn't know.

I finished cleaning everything and got to thinking about what he said. Then I searched on-line. Shouldn't have done that. I was almost in a panic when I woke Chris up at midnight with all of the horrible things that I had done by breaking that thermometer.

I called my mom- moms are suppose to know everything, right?

Here was our conversation:
Me: Mom, I broke a thermometer and there is mercury everywhere!
Mom: AND???
Me: What do you mean AND? Mercury evaporates at room tempature and is toxic. It is linked to autism in newborns. I breathed in the fumes....what if it gets to Ileigh through breast milk?.....

On and on I went spilling out my new found knowledge via the internet. It didn't make me feel any better when right before we hung up my mom said happily, "Don't worry; when I was in school they would hand mercury to us to play with, it was fun". (It was fun to play with by the way)

Then I called poison control and apparently visited with a lady who was more concerned about getting my zip code than my pending emergency. By this time I was just flat out mad and it was around 1 in the morning.

Needless to say, we are all still here, alive. I am still afraid to vacuum the house though because it is said to vaporize mercury.

Anyway, the next morning I dropped Eli off at MDO and I cleaned our bathroom for 4 straight hours. I was on my hand and knees looking for those little balls of mercury boogers...

I don't think that I will ever buy a mercury thermometer again. Ever.

I also took the opportunity to clean out everything that we don't use and more efficiant use of our cabinet space.

Since that time I have been working on my drawers and closet. I filled so many bags on Sunday that I got to take Monday off! Woot!

Oh, I love my shoe rack...:)

There is carpet in my closet!

So, there you have it, friends! I am really proud of the cleaning that has happened thus far; so is the husband. I might not vacuum again for a year though...still worried about the mercury just a tad.


Amanda said...

Your mercury story had me cracking up! That sounds like something I would do!!!

I am so jealous of your closet....the shelves AND the shoes!

I tagged you in a survey on my blog. :)